September 20th, 2012


Today a technician came to fix my hoist. The hoist is used to get me up from bed or a chair and to stand up straight which I really enjoy. so for want of a better word the ‘knobs’ were off balance and he was checking them! My daughter, who I call Kitty, was up on the hoist playing around as kids of four do. Technical guy and Kitty were interacting away with each other. I asked if he had kids all the while amazed at how he was really listening patiently as the words popped up on my eye gaze computer. Lots of people pass through our door sometimes unsure of what  to expect which is normal I suppose. Last tecchie just conversed with our last Spanish au-pair and ran! So today ‘s guy in answer to my question about kids said ‘i was hoping you wouldn’t ask me that ‘. He went on to tell me that he had two boys but they had died in the past few years. My god I thought as I broke out in goose bumps! So much suffering in this world. He continued to explain that they had spent their lives in and out of hospital due to some unpronounceable disease. Both were special needs and enjoyed soccer and usual ‘boy’ things. One was nineteen and the other twenty when they passed on. I saw photographs on his phone. Lovely looking lads. Unsure of how to react to this man with sparkly blue eyes I said I was sorry about his loss and offered him a tea. When I told him that two years ago I was walking, talking and doing usual things it was then he broke down in tears maybe at the unfairness of it all. Two years ago maybe I wouldn’t have felt the pure and utter compassion I was feeling at that moment. He then fixed the hoist and left.

By the way readers, interestingly enough the ‘stand in ‘ from last Saturday morning rang in sick on Sunday because she had fallen the previous night. so the lovely girl was back again. As my late dad would say in particular situations to make us laugh, ‘funny innit ‘!


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  1. Bon Soir Etoile!

    Isn’t it interesting how we have become so aware of others & their tales of this life. It was wonderful to read this story & and I think it was great that you asked him that question.Maybe he really needed to share his story. I can’t think of a better person he could have shared it with……(well apart from me of course :-))) ) !!!
    Counting down the days now!
    a bientot!
    Dol xoxoxoxoxo
    PS. Loved your quote from Dad!

  2. Darling Cous’,
    You’ve done it again! Taken a moment of a day and described it so simply yet with details that allow us to see and feel your experience. What a beautiful encounter, achingly sad, but beautiful because of such genuine compassion.What a dramatic contrast your mindful technical man is to “stand-in”!
    Sending my love,
    Nick oxoxoxoxoxo
    p.s. I loved the “funny innit!”, can hear him saying it now !

  3. Hey Emmu,
    Another mind blowing piece of writing, it’s so good to see you blogging again. You have a real gift for getting to the very heart of a situation, or an encounter, and bringing it to life with humour, kindness and a lovely wryness of style. Didn’t know you called Alanna ‘Kitty’ – it’s the cutest! Anyway, I deffo reckon your hoist man was sent in compensation for Hag Woman – how terrible that she suffered a fall – innit?!!! Oops, shouldn’t be mean…the poor woman could have really hurt herself. Gonna light a candle for that man, his story really touched me. We look at people and we just never know what has happened in their lives or what suffering they may have endured – I guess it’s something for all of us to bear in mind in our dealings with others. Everyone has a story….probably even Hag Woman (probably ‘especially’ Hag Woman)! Innit?!!!! (LOVE the Chris quote, ta…..)
    Hugs for now, and again, am LOVIN’ the blog!
    Babs xx

  4. Hi Emma,
    Great to see you are writing your blog again, thanks for sharing with us! I have got you on RSS feed so I can see when you update with a new story, so I will keep up to date with you! I totally agree with cousin Nicky’s comments about how your writing style really makes you feel connected with you and your experiences. I love the graphics on this page too, I think they look like something that cousin Jessica could have created – oh such wonderful talented cousins!
    Lots of love, and looking forward to seeing you soon,
    Rach xxxx

  5. Em, this is so lovely, reading your wonderful words. I LOVE your blog, as everyone clearly does. So sad, the poor man and his wife. Pass on my love to your fabulous family. I hope you got me email.
    Till I write again.
    Love always, JeananneXXXX

  6. Hi Emma,
    If I may say so, you have a beautiful way of writing. As well as being a vent for you, your blog will surely serve as a huge support to others who find themselves in a similar situation. You may not realise just how much!
    Reading your blog reminded me of a time I knew you, before MND.
    Do you remember the day when the sun was pouring through the windows of the old Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in Cork, where we used to have our Italian classes in UCC? Donald O’ Driscoll put “Nessun’ dorma” on the tape recorder full blast, in an attempt to get us to decipher its meaning? I am pretty sure you were there that day and knew full well what each word of the song meant, because you were better than any of us in Italian!
    I look forward to following your blog Emma! I have it on a feed thingy!
    P.S. I’m sure you’re looking forward to a certain sister’s arrival soon!
    Anyway, as they say in the Old Country, “stammi bene cara!”

  7. I’ve been prompted to read your blog by a mutual friend Ciara Langmaid and I just wanted to say “Hi” from Edel in London. Very few of us will ever be blessed to know what we were put here to do but you were born to write. Thank you.

  8. Emma you are truly inspiring and an amazing writer – I look forward to your blogs – ps I have seen
    some of Ruan’s Art work – fantastic (I know where he gets his artistic strike) Penny

  9. Hi Emma, I am a features writer with the Evening Echo. Would you be available for an online interview tomorrow? My number is 0857544921 if you would like to text me to discuss it. Thank you, Jane

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