Saturday 29th September, 2012


Told doc on Tuesday that I had pushed the boat out. Hence throat inflammation with antibiotics to take. Bummer. Hate taking them. Impact on my system always upsetting however throat ok Wednesday thank god. Must remember bigger picture. Any glitch or change I find scary. Been managing so well overall. Am surrounded by a great team of carers and helpers, family and friends included. so back to pushing boat out :movie at Mahon Point cinema with hubby on the Thursday. Romantic tragedy from Russia- Anna Karenina. A wonderful performance by Kiera Knightly but disappointed with Jude Law as aging husband. Was looking forward to a blast of his beauty!

Friday was writing last blog entry as well as catching up with one of my lovely sisters in law who visits regularly. So come six o’clock I was googley eyed! Saturday went cork shopping with hubs. Love looking and checking out shops. Fab favourite well known to my sister and friends is Noa Noa. Just love their colours fabric and cuts. Thank you Sheena for introducing me all those years ago! One outfit and fabulous scarf later we went home.

Saturday night is movie night at ours. So Kitty asks “are the durls coming over ‘? Love the way she asks about the girl friends like that. Sunday two long term lovely friends arrive laden with pressies from the big smoke! Thanks to motor way they can do round trip in one day. When they leave, then mum arrives, phew, even the thought of it all is tiring! So worth it though! Sunday night all calm again. But physical exertions can take toll on body and I got throat inflammation, but thankfully all ok now.

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  1. Hi Emma,
    What a busy week for you! Love the sound of the outings and your at home movie night.Happy to hear you fought off the throat inflammation. Funnily enough I sent you a little something in the post yesterday that is spefically for soothing throats.
    Sending tons of love,
    Nick oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Didn’t you think that Aaron Taylor more than made up for a fading Jude law, or is that too Mrs Robbinson of me…very nice on the eyes indeed. Yup, a great movie. xx Aine

  3. Hi Star!

    My heart is melting just thinking how glorious it would / will be to hear ” are the durls coming over”! Your week sounded action packed & lots of fun! I am dying to see your latest purchase too! So pleased your throat is better now & how psychic & thoughtful is cousin Nicky!!
    Dol xoxoxox

  4. Hi Emma,
    It’s so wonderful to read your words., I’ve been thinking of you so much. You are a complete inspiration to me, and always were.
    Much love,
    Your old school pal, Catherine Nealon

  5. Emma,
    So good to hear you are shopping as was your want way back in the day. Your style was always fab. Thinking of you and think I will have to put Anna Karenina on a ‘to watch’ list even if it is to just see what Jude Law looks like, but also to see how easy Aaron Taylor is on the eye to see if we are all perhaps guilty of turning into Mrs Robinson! Hope you have fully kicked the sore throat, there has been a nasty one doing the rounds. Ger Daly xxx

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