Saturday sixth October


confirmed lots of facebook requests this week. Reason being I plan to escape fb land. This is the plan ; every ‘friend’ will be able to access the link to my blog so there won’t be a need to post stuff on the most popular sociable site ever. You might think it’s important to keep in touch with others news. I do so on a regular basis without fb. Also the fact that I can’t access it on my eye gaze doesn’t help. So had info about three ex boyfriends this week. One sent songs he wrote and played, other just catching up and the third I found out through his girlfriend that he was physically violent with her and their seven year old boy. You can imagine how upset I was to hear this news. I knew he had anger issues but this is unacceptable. They separated a time ago so at least she got sense. I am still upset and horrified.
But on to a lighter note, was thinking about the much welcomed sun this September ironically when the kids went back to school. Kitty just started in junior infants and Ro went into second class. Those glorious sun filled afternoons were spent with kids playing chess on our door step and kitty exploring her flicker scooter. What fun we had with lovely ana pushing me around at full speed and chasing after the little pink topped and denim shorted body of my four year old daughter! a true treat to behold. Also to see Ro outside playing chess with his pals was so impressive. I didn’t even know he knew how to play! that ‘s all for this week folks, talk again soon. 

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  1. Bonjour Etoile!

    It must have been lovely to receive the songs………SOOO shocking to receive that other news.

    Your words in the second paragraph paint a beautiful & energetic picture in my mind! Long live flicker,chess & the fun & joy it brings to all !!!!

    Hope you have a great week!
    Already looking forward to your next blog!
    LOVE IT!

    Baci Bisous,
    Dol xoxoxoxox

    • Emma,
      Gemma, here, when Annemarie, send me the link i though first i was in it when i saw Gemma!!! I am as dopey as ever!!
      I am so glad that you can get your thoughts out there and it is great to see them. Your probably sick to death with us all talking about diets, weight etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Anyway i hope you are well and when my life calms down any week now we must go for coffee or shopping or even come here and go through my still ever mounting wardrobe of clothes!!!!

      Looking forward to catching up and reading your blogs!!

      See you soon


  2. Hi Emma,
    So good to read another installment! I’m not on FB, I think it’s a great way to share news and photos and connect with old friends.. but I think there is a negative side too. For some,It seems a bit addictive and time consuming.Also strangely takes the place of real socialization, again, just for some. I suppose it’s like most things, and needs to be done in moderation.
    I loved the description of you chasing around Alannah.. and of Rowan playing chess on the doorstep in the late afternoon sun.. what a beautiful scene!
    Thinking of you.
    Love always,
    Nick oxoxoxo

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