Saturday the 13th of October


I am not superstitious by nature, but when a robin flew into the back shed last week I wondered about it a lot. I had heard before that in Irish folklore when a robin flies into a house it can indicate death. When I was  living and studying in Cork thirteen years ago I rented a room in a house on the beautifully named ‘Strawberry Hill’. One afternoon in early May a robin flew into our living room. I was struck by its prescence and felt a little scared by the flapping and struggle of the tiny red breasted creature. It found its own way out and I felt relieved. A few days later on May fifth my beloved dad passed away suddenly. It was completely unexpected. So when I saw it happening for the second time last week I was confused. The fact that it was the shed and not our home consoled me. My husband Jay works for an organisation called L’Arche who support adults with an intellectual disability. One of their residents,a friend of his, was very unwell recently with oesophageal cancer. She died last weekend. May she rest in peace.

I know I said I wasn’t superstitious but I am struck by this ‘little birdy’ telling me something!

‘Awake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving ‘ Rumi.

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  1. Hi Star,

    This is a really beautiful story even though it has a tale that brings sadness too. I am not superstitious either but let’s face it,the little Robin red breast is a VERY special bird!

    3 weeks and counting :-))

    Tons of love,
    Dol xoxoxoxox

    • hi shapeshifter heard an old story once that a robin was present at the birth of christ so cant be all bad however i dont think he was much use due to lack of proper medical training on the other hand when the messiah dropped his sandal in the historical movie “the life of brian” that did mean something onthe subject of movies kiera knightly shouldnt be an extra in fair cit or any city love your blog be good scilly 59

  2. PS. I LOVE (yet again!) your beautiful quote! I want to write it somewhere so I see it every morning when I wake! xoxoxo

  3. That is one of my favourite quotes of all time!
    What a great story teller you are!I was immediately drawn in from the first line. Your tale captured me.
    It’s odd how terrifying a bird inside the house feels… I am in awe of avians in flight but almost horrified when these winged creatures are trapped.
    Anyway my darling , another completely
    engaging post.
    Sending love , as ever,
    Nickey xxxxooooo

  4. I love little robins too, unfortunately we don’t have them over here but I always get such a lovely feeling when I see them on my trips home. In fact, I remember not long after my dear mum passed away, I found great comfort from a little robin who followed me silently on a wintery walk through glorious snow covered trees in masseys wood. He flew from branch to branch as I walked, sometimes landing quite close to me. My heart was heavy with grief yet this little fella brightened my day and reassured me all would be well.

    I love that quote too Emma, like Lucy I will put it somewhere where I can see it on waking. Thanks for sharing.
    Big hugs
    Susan x

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