Magic Halloween night


1november 2012

Last night was halloween so I dressed up as a witch. With green and black stripy tights and a black pointed hat I was up for the craic! My kids went as vampires and armed themselves with huge plastic bags! Jay pushed my chair wearing a muticoloured wig made from shiney plastic paper. We met up with our neighbours along with a band of friends whose kids were dressed as witches, ghosts and every imagined thing. As the goodie bags got fuller, the kids wanted to go further so we ended up in another estate near our own. All the while my feet were turning into ice blocks but nothing could stop me, I was enjoying myself too much! As we looked up at the brilliant moon we saw little orange lanterns gliding around the sky. And the piece de resistance was when the fireworks went off. Such a beautifully coloured sky! It made the night for me and seeing the kids enjoying too was extra great. My smallest, getting cold and over tired at the excitement of it all asked if she could sit on my lap. So I was thrilled to get the chance to snuggle on a freezing cold night. When we got back I was delighted to be able to tell them my wish had come true. I had wished for fireworks!



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  1. Em, it’s so wonderful to see you looking so vibrant and happy – what a great pic of you and Alanna. I hear you about the cold, it was FREEZING last night but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, huh? Ross dressed as a zombie (his heartbroken mama having shred his gorgeous little pin striped Communtion jacket up at his insistence, I’m still not the better of it!). I was looking at the beautiful big ole moon all week, it’s blowing my mind – that and the stars. Watched a fab programme the other night about how stars are made….it takes MILLIONS of years, an accumulation of dust and particles in the atmosphere, which over time, and with gravity and an eventual combustive reaction, collide and explode into glorious being as a STAR! Which then burns brightly for a few thousand years at least….. It made me think that no, it’s not actually too outlandish to think that we mere mortals may well indeed end up shining brightly in yonder sky, given that they are composed of dust and actual matter. The physics of it was mind blowing and I’m too ignorant to explain it fully here. But WOW was the over all reaction in yours truly!

  2. Hi, Emma! It’s good to see your happy face! Alanna got so big! I don’t know why I’m always surprised to see how big other people’s children got, since my Adam is the same age and he is a big boy now! Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and send lots of good thoughts and prayers your way! Florina

  3. STAR! There is MAGIC bouncing off this
    FABULOUS post topped off with a FANTASTIC photo! Truly joyous to read,as always and especially as I am on the road as I write this…..coming home to YOUUUU! A demain!!!!! ( have been dying to say that to you for what seems like an AGE!!! )
    Hip-Hip….. :-)))))))))) xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Great to hear from you Emma, I have been thinking of you recently a lot. I’m delighted you are doing so well, well done girl, you are amazing. I’m delighted to hear you listen to Thay and he helps 😉
    John and I had another baby 6 weeks ago – a little boy we called Max. He came into this world with a shock of dark hair and is a little darling. His sister Lucy (3 last August) is thrilled with him – if a little rough sometimes!! Your kids sound amazing also – good job!
    Sending you a big hug and lots of love

  5. What a vibrate happy photo Emma! Sounds like you all enjoyed Halloween very much! It’s just taking off here in oz, lillah had a taste of how its done in Ireland a few years ago with all her little cousins and loved it! Last year we were in Vietnam and surprised to see how big it was there. Our little hotel in the back streets of Saigon was alive with ghosts and ghouls!

    Little Alanna is beautiful like her mum.

    Trust you and Lucy are loving being together again… Enjoy!
    Love Suz xx

  6. Emma – you and your beautiful daughter look amazing. A photo to treasure! Glad you all had a good time; mine found out that Compass Quay is the mother lode compared to Mansfield Park…I think I heard one of the residents murmur “Oh, the humanity”. Roll on Christmas! Xxx

  7. Wow Emma! What a magical night!
    I can feel the kids’ excitement and your pure joy! Also can imagine jonnie in his wig, but would love to see a pic!
    Halloween” trick or treating” was cancelled in New Jersey due to the big storm- the governor said the kids could go house to house this week- so I stocked up on little chocolates- but no costumed little ones came on the rescheduled Halloween …it was dangerous having all that chocolate in the
    house! Jordan and I indulged then got rid of the rest as we didn’t trust ourselves!
    So wonderful to read about such a special night- thank you !
    Adored the photo too xxxxooo
    Love you,love you, love you xxxxoooxo
    Nick xoxoxo
    Big hi to everyone; jonnie , kids , your mum, Lucy & Tomas love you all so much xo

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