Nearly two thousand readers world wide enjoying my blog! That makes me
feel really happy! So thanks for reading.
Jay and I went on a protest march last Saturday in Cork. The two home-helpers who come every morning to get me up showered and dressed have had their hours axed. Our national health service, the HSE, under this
government have yet again targeted the most vulnerable in our society. My helpers talk about how their clients, mainly elderly, have been
left without any care or assistance, often without even a family
member dropping by. Its a disgrace! ‘Let the sick and elderly off Mr
Kenny! ‘
I am in the category of ‘high dependency’ so hopefully won’t be
touched for now. But I really have sympathy for these amazing women
who have been hit by this outrageous act coming up to Christmas. So,
hence the march on Saturday. Mr Micheal Martin was there talking to my
husband about the unfairness of it all. Always liked this man on a
personal level, taking an interest in L’Arche where Jay works and
supporting me as a mature student in Cork many years ago.
‘Love and comparison are necessities, not luxuries. Without them
humanity cannot survive ‘. Dalai Lama


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  1. Emma I have just been reading your latest blog down here in Auckland.
    “Love and Compassion” for all needs to be the basis of our thinking.
    Lets hope ALL, meaning our government, that we the people, elected,
    can remember that when they interfere with the needs of the most vulnerable.

  2. Here Here Emma, it’s a disgrace. The vulnerable and most in need of care and compassion are cast aside. There is an element of that here in Queensland too with recent cutbacks in health,terminating some essential services to the elderly and those with severe mental health illness. Makes-me feel very sad,as you say, many have no family support. I think we need to get back a sense of community and reach out to each other more like times past.
    2000 readers!! That’s fantastic! Keep up the awesome posts, I really look forward to them!
    Love Suz xxx

  3. Hi Emma, bloody awful and so typical. Same shit happening here in the UK. Social services and benefits being cut to save a few million, while huge businesses like Starbucks, Amazon, to name but a few, with billions in profits, are paying zero in taxes. GRRR

  4. Hi Emma.
    So glad i found out about this blog.. Good on ya for standing up for the carers You look fantastic in Halloween photo too.. 2000 readers AMAZING.. Caroline x

  5. Well said Em, we need more active people like yourself to get this country back on its feet and less of this sitting around moaning!!xxxxxxx

  6. Hi Emma,
    I find it so shocking and disturbing that healthcare,the most fundemental need, is not the priority of so many governments around the world. Hats off to you and Johnnie for getting out there and making a statement. I was at a perinatal conference this week. One of the topics was disparities in health care. The speaker quoted Dr. Martin Luther King,It made me think of your blog post this week.

    “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

    Sending much love,
    Nick xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Hi Star,
    Nearly 2000 readers …. Incredible …. So cool ! Well done ! Feeling appalled & frightened of what is happening in this world. When will the good be the winning force. I feel so lucky to be in your immediate environment where love & good is most definitely all around! It must have been very satisfying to be a part of the march to help those wonderful carers. GO SISTER !

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