December 9th


‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ so ended my last post. One of my lovely sisters-in-law replied by suggesting not to give the infamous ‘dribbles’ too much energy, as a means of changing the way I look at them. I took the advice and got on with life and they became less of an issue.
So thanks Gill!

My kids often come in on a cold and wintery school morning for a toasty warm snuggle. Sometimes we have a little chat Last Friday morning Ro came out with another classic: “I suppose there’s one good thing about being weak: you don’t have to go to work!”, well I laughed! That’s certainly focusing on the positive!

Otherwise, I have had a fairly flat week. By flat I mean feeling a bit low in myself. Sometimes I just can’t believe this is happening me. I get scared. Today I feel like the donkey in the Sminky Shorts film “I can’t do it”. everything just seems too hard. Tears need to fall.

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  1. Just read your post,
    Thinking of you so much..
    and sending all my love,
    Nickey xxxooo

    Rowan’s words really made me smile 🙂

  2. I think you are very brave. Of course you are scared. Its true what they say about cuddles they are priceless they cant be brought in the shops. Try listening to 96fm wind up of the dog licence with sub titles ( the one with the photos of his dogs) I dont know if it will make you laugh or leave you terrified. But it is a distraction ! And i dont know or have heard of anybody who has your beautiful gift of writing. So there you have a talent that the rest of us can only dream about .I wish i could write something better to cheer you up but small people screaming for things.
    Cal x

  3. I can’t believe it’s happening to you Em. I wish it was so very different. I get so angry. Life can be great and then you get handed a mince pie with canned cream! You don’t deserve the canned cream dear dear Emma xxx

  4. Hi Star,
    I love hearing your stories and especially the
    classic lines from Ro’! Your home is Sooo snugly and Ro’ & Alannah are & will always be experts at this very important pleasure in life!! Yours is a perfect nest :-)) I am sending you wishes & all the best & strongest vibes for a better day today. I hope you feel even a little better than yesterday….if not alot……I believe you will get back to a happy place but for now….. If you feel flat…. You feel flat…….AT YOUR SERVICE :-))) just say the word!!!! Je T’aime Star xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I hold an image of you as the strong and beautiful being you are Em. I see you in all the different times we have been together and feel your strength. Yes sometimes we feel low or under par and fear can get its hold on us and what can bring us up out of this or change this? Its always interesting to observe this. Surrounding you in love xxx

    • My vision of you is also always as a strong, beautiful, creative person, full of understanding and sensitivity.. now more than ever.
      I hate that you have to deal with this awful disease…There are so many difficulties in life ,but anything I can think of pales in comparrison to this challenge. . I was desperately searching last night, trying to find inspiring quotes or TED talks to send you.. nothing was doing it..
      I thought of something we talked about briefly a year or so ago.. that it’s “the love that counts” that love is really all we have, all that endures.. and my darling Emma , you are overflowing with love… for Rowan and Alannah, Jonnie ,your family , friends and life itself.
      I join Gilll in surrounding you with more’s flowing in from around the globe. xooxox
      Nickey oxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. Hi Emma! I just started following your blog recently and I’m loving it – you are so honest and eloquent! Your ‘dribbling’ comments make me laugh&cry, though I know it makes you so sad. I think you should give yourself a mental break on feeling bad about it: my husband, who supposedly has full muscle function, often dribbles on his chin – while talking, or laughing, or eating. He doesn’t care at all about how this looks or seems, nor enough to make an effort to stop it – he claims proudly that it’s because of his over-large tongue (hehehe 😉 and just carries on regardless. I should ask Sminky to do a skit on him… finishing his sentence with drool running down his chin…
    So if a grown, healthy man isn’t bothered by it, you shouldn’t be (leaving aside manners Vs choice). I could go on, over-sharing all his other ‘habits’, but I’ll save that for a face to face when I next see you at the school ;-).
    Stay strong – you are a wonderful lady! Cxx

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