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19th January Saturday


Wow! What a gig last night? John Spillane gave us his all! He certainly wrapped us in his spell just like he said he would. Entertaining too, we were in knots laughing at some of his stories.
Unfortunately, I was not at all comfortable in my old wheelchair and poor Ana and Lucy had to take turns at mopping around my mouth. With this discomfort in mind along with a desire to drink a glass of Murphy’s (which I couldn’t), a thought arose. As I scanned the room I asked myself: “do these people realise how lucky they are to be able to have a drink and a chat with their friends? ” such simple pleasures but not within my reach when I am away from my cocoon of home. When I am out every conversation is one sided and every drink a messy challenge.
All of this led me to think of the wonders of being able to move freely . So please cuddle your kids and partners, enjoy what life brings each day. Count your blessings. I do for the use of my eyes without which I wouldn’t be able to write this. Being alive is a miracle as Thich Nhat Hahn says. I can hear national anger on the radio on a daily basis if I choose to but if everybody realised just how lucky they truly are to be in a healthy working body they might be able to transform their lives. Then Mr J. Duffy would be jobless from the misery programme on RTE and he would have to transform his life too!


Thursday the 17th January 2013


How cool is that? Ana just arrived in with the local advertiser
announcing that John Spillane and Declan O’Rourke will be playing live
gigs soon in a nearby pub. Yesterday, sick of listening to worn out
tunes, we downloaded two albums from iTunes. Can you guess what they
were? Yes it’s true, the above musicians! Deccy and Johnser! I love when synchronicity happens.

Music has always been a part of my life. From the recorder I learnt at
school to the gigs I frequented in Dublin with my gorgeous friends
Jeannie, Kate and Barbarella. We lived from gig to gig and the parties
that went with them! This era, in the eighties, saw Glen Hansard
busking on Grafton Street with his buddy Mick Christopher RIP. With camera in tow I zipped around taking photographs of my then boyfriends band “the Dixons” and also of “Hank Half-Head and the Rambling Turkeys ‘. I am so pleased I lived it up in my twenties, most especially now as I look back and love the memories of times passed.

I enjoy John Spillane’s music and used to listen to it while driving
somewhere with the kids. Ro used to shout out: “play the “Mad Woman of
Cork!””. But I find O’Rourke’s music touches me more deeply from the
sexy low tones to the heavenly star filled notes. So I have always encouraged music and singing with the kids from the
get go (thanks Cal for your music group!). Now I enjoy listening to Ro experimenting on their Christmas keyboard when he gets in from school. Even if its “Oh When the Saints” over and over! Ro has a great musical ear and picks up tunes so easily. Now want to leave you with a well-known song from the O’Rourke guy “Galileo”, enjoy!
And a big thanks to our Ana for buying the tickets.

Christmas 2012


Almost 5000 hits for my blog last year! Yippiedy do dah! Thanks to all readers and people who comment and others who email me with words of encouragement.
I spoke about the new wheelchair last time and how awful looking it is. One lovely friend read about that and took out her sewing machine to make a small heart-shaped lavender bag for the back of my chair. I told her about the time in secondary school when I scarpered over to the nuns lavender bushes and robbed a few bunches to make presents for my friends!

High lights from Christmas:
~ Kids snuggles watching movie “Swallows and Amazons” recommended by lovely Ciara.
~ Hearing Kitty say ‘Trismas’ instead of Christmas and ‘trisps’ for crisps.
~ Jay up with Delia Smiths stuffing recipe at 7am and he cooked his first turkey beautifully.
~ School carols in the church and meeting one of Ro’s teachers who I hadn’t seen since before my condition began.
~ Kitty coming to ask me if I wanted to open a present as she had opened one of hers. Such thoughtfulness was the best present of all.
~ Eating warm mince pies with cream for breakfast.
~ Watching Ro spend hours assembling his Lego kit.
~ How Mum and Dol, my sis, got me much loved shocking pink clothes, a colour I find so uplifting.
~ The realisation that I am married to a very caring and capable man.
~ Sparkling decorations on the Christmas tree.
~ Eating Tomas’ trifle: extra-ordinaire!
~ Drinking pink champagne (well Jacob’s Creek!) New Years Eve with family, friends and neighbours.
~ A visit from a dear friend.

Low lights:
~ Sobbing uncontrolably at that school carol service, where Kitty was singing with her class.
~ Wheelchair getting covered in dog poo after a local walk to the water. Come on dog owners “PICK IT UP!”
~ Wondering if I will be here next Christmas…

Finally, over Christmas my appetite wasn’t great which caused me concern. But I am learning to trust my body more. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps I just needed a break from certain foods.
Now Dol is cooking yummy meals which is helping a lot. Wish I could have ravaged a turkey leg on the day or guzzled back a Coke with ice and a slice! Unfortunately I can’t eat anything crunchy like pork crackling or crisp roasted potatoes and that’s where all the flavour is!

“Sin a bhfuil!” (“thats it!” In Irish)