Christmas 2012


Almost 5000 hits for my blog last year! Yippiedy do dah! Thanks to all readers and people who comment and others who email me with words of encouragement.
I spoke about the new wheelchair last time and how awful looking it is. One lovely friend read about that and took out her sewing machine to make a small heart-shaped lavender bag for the back of my chair. I told her about the time in secondary school when I scarpered over to the nuns lavender bushes and robbed a few bunches to make presents for my friends!

High lights from Christmas:
~ Kids snuggles watching movie “Swallows and Amazons” recommended by lovely Ciara.
~ Hearing Kitty say ‘Trismas’ instead of Christmas and ‘trisps’ for crisps.
~ Jay up with Delia Smiths stuffing recipe at 7am and he cooked his first turkey beautifully.
~ School carols in the church and meeting one of Ro’s teachers who I hadn’t seen since before my condition began.
~ Kitty coming to ask me if I wanted to open a present as she had opened one of hers. Such thoughtfulness was the best present of all.
~ Eating warm mince pies with cream for breakfast.
~ Watching Ro spend hours assembling his Lego kit.
~ How Mum and Dol, my sis, got me much loved shocking pink clothes, a colour I find so uplifting.
~ The realisation that I am married to a very caring and capable man.
~ Sparkling decorations on the Christmas tree.
~ Eating Tomas’ trifle: extra-ordinaire!
~ Drinking pink champagne (well Jacob’s Creek!) New Years Eve with family, friends and neighbours.
~ A visit from a dear friend.

Low lights:
~ Sobbing uncontrolably at that school carol service, where Kitty was singing with her class.
~ Wheelchair getting covered in dog poo after a local walk to the water. Come on dog owners “PICK IT UP!”
~ Wondering if I will be here next Christmas…

Finally, over Christmas my appetite wasn’t great which caused me concern. But I am learning to trust my body more. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps I just needed a break from certain foods.
Now Dol is cooking yummy meals which is helping a lot. Wish I could have ravaged a turkey leg on the day or guzzled back a Coke with ice and a slice! Unfortunately I can’t eat anything crunchy like pork crackling or crisp roasted potatoes and that’s where all the flavour is!

“Sin a bhfuil!” (“thats it!” In Irish)

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  1. Oh cousin, so wonderful to hear how your Christmas was! I am one of your 5,000! That’s really amazing! and so good to hear that you enjoyed such a special time with the family, Kitty sounds so loving and so thoughtful what a beautiful lovely little girl you have! We had a really lovely time over Christmas too, Becca and Andy hosted this year so it was nice and cosy time in Surrey for us. I really hope to come and see you soon, Jess and I are organising (very badly/slowly!) think we might need to speed up our activity though as Jess won’t be able to fly before too long, and we’re long overdue a visit! Lots of love and hope to see you soon, Rach xxxx

  2. Hi Emma .
    Sparkles bounced off yesterdays post. I am glad you had more high lights then low lights over Christmas. Delighted to hear about the lavender bag. But that is what your presence in peoples lifes and your blog does Emma, it brings out the good and best in everybody who is lucky enough to read it. Goosebumps and huge smiles when i saw my phone light up with your new post. You have wonderful gift and express yourself so well and honestly. Spring will soon be on its way.. Thoughts and best wishes to you. Cal.x

  3. Hi Emma!
    So good to read another installment! I was so excited when I saw the email saying you had a new post! I was eager to hear your latest thoughts and feelings and hear about christmas. It sounds like a beautiful family filled couple of weeks. With your little darlings at your side( as your’re the captain of love, they are cheif mates in the crew of love.. I am forgetting the seafarers ranking.. but you and Jonnie are raising extraordinary children!). I loved the images you described, Rowan deeply involved with his lego, Jonnie up cooking at the crack of dawn.. little Alannah saying “trismas”.. the carol service.
    The lavender bag sounds so pretty and I believe lavender has calming aromatic properties ..what a thoughtful present. Have you seen or heard that Jordan has taken up sewing? He loves it and has been sewing up a storm. Perhaps he can re-upholster your chair with some hot pink fabric.. send him the measurements!
    Anyway my darling.. thank you for sharing your thoughts, the highs and the lows, you always touch and inspire me.
    Sending tons of love to all,
    Nick xooxoooxoxooxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

  4. Hi Emma! I loved reading your latest post, as always. I could feel all the love, warmth and Christmas magic just from your words, and it brought me back to when Nadia and I visited. We loved being in your house with you and the family because it’s just as you described, so cozy and so much love! I’m already looking forward to the next visit. Thinking of you and sending lots of love xoxoxo Sasha

  5. …..Low point of Christmas
    – waiting for your next blog!!!!
    Phew! Was so happy to read this! May I say
    THANK-YOU & Jonnie for a truly beautiful Christmas spent in your home. From the build up with squeals of excitement from the kids on each new day on the advent calendar,lovely Christmas music in your home,Jonnie driving us around to see the lights of a very quiet Kinsale with Christmas carols playing in the backround ( that night was especially magic for me ) , the juiciest turkey ever, colour,twinkles , sparkles & fun around the fire on NYE!!!
    Here’s to lots more of that in 2013!
    Bonne Annee Etoile :-)) xxxxx

  6. Hello shapeshifter enjoyed christmas blog it was truley evocative I remember obriens slogan “dont risk it let obriens shift it!”unkind words directed at chubby young girls please forgive us ,any way after reading the outstandingly brilliant phrase The captain of love( very jealous i didnt write that)I was watching Mutiny on the bounty (the marlon brando version) and when Fletcher Christian was feeling low his irate tahitian girl said to him in tahiti we have a saying “YOU EAT LIFE OR LIFE EATS YOU” you are an elegant life eater a happy and safe new year to you all Scilly 59

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