Thursday the 17th January 2013


How cool is that? Ana just arrived in with the local advertiser
announcing that John Spillane and Declan O’Rourke will be playing live
gigs soon in a nearby pub. Yesterday, sick of listening to worn out
tunes, we downloaded two albums from iTunes. Can you guess what they
were? Yes it’s true, the above musicians! Deccy and Johnser! I love when synchronicity happens.

Music has always been a part of my life. From the recorder I learnt at
school to the gigs I frequented in Dublin with my gorgeous friends
Jeannie, Kate and Barbarella. We lived from gig to gig and the parties
that went with them! This era, in the eighties, saw Glen Hansard
busking on Grafton Street with his buddy Mick Christopher RIP. With camera in tow I zipped around taking photographs of my then boyfriends band “the Dixons” and also of “Hank Half-Head and the Rambling Turkeys ‘. I am so pleased I lived it up in my twenties, most especially now as I look back and love the memories of times passed.

I enjoy John Spillane’s music and used to listen to it while driving
somewhere with the kids. Ro used to shout out: “play the “Mad Woman of
Cork!””. But I find O’Rourke’s music touches me more deeply from the
sexy low tones to the heavenly star filled notes. So I have always encouraged music and singing with the kids from the
get go (thanks Cal for your music group!). Now I enjoy listening to Ro experimenting on their Christmas keyboard when he gets in from school. Even if its “Oh When the Saints” over and over! Ro has a great musical ear and picks up tunes so easily. Now want to leave you with a well-known song from the O’Rourke guy “Galileo”, enjoy!
And a big thanks to our Ana for buying the tickets.

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  1. Hey Em, can’t believe I missed this blog when it was posted, I mustn’t have got the usual notification. Anyway, it set me off reminiscing (one of my favourite things to do….so many people say you should live in the present and not look back, but for me, the past is a great big box of choccies with different ‘happy’ fillings and once I get stuck in, I want to taste them all!). So a reminiscer I am, and proud of it, and it’s much better for the waistline than real chocolate (although that is always welcome too).
    Glen Hansard used to kip on the couch (if he didn’t just end up on the floor) in Ed’s house on Walworth Road – he hung around with David Wilmot, who also lived there and was a cheeky 18 year old would-be actor at the time, working in the Coffee Inn when he wasn’t rolling around on the carpet stoned out of his mind listening to Dylan with Cormac Jackson. Don’t remember Hansard every buying as much as a teabag for the house, LOL. Which cannot be said for myself and Lucy – yes, we crashed so much chez vous that people thought we actually LIVED there but if memory serves, we did buy the odd sliced pan and pint of milk to pay our way….even the occasional late nite pineapple too…..heh heh. I know you took pics of that hilarious night which is indelibly imprinted on my memory in all its youthful crazy glory!
    Talking about reminiscing, if I had to relive just ONE gig from those days in the 80’s it would have to be the Swinging Swine in Walters in Dun Laoghaire. Sunday evenings, wrecked from partying all week, a lovely mellow vibe which Joanne’s plaintive vocals cut though like a very pleasant knife. Then somehow we’d summon up the energy to bundle into Eoiny’s Citroen and end up in the Pink til 3am…. I guess it was called youthful energy and boy, did we make the most of it. Actually, we’re not doing too badly now either by the sounds of it – live gigs are such an uplifting and life affirming thing to enjoy and the day I lose interest I’ll know there’s something wrong. Went to see a wonderful band in the Olympia on Valentines night, Calexico. They play a hybrid of mellow Californian surf music and Mexican mariachi, with its vibrancy and zest – the overall sound being gloriously melodic, uplifting and joyous. Going to see The Lofires soon, which is Nialler’s new band with Jonny Rowen – I must send you down their CD, you’d love it. Kind of lounge-y, mellow and beautifully sung & played.
    Sorry this is so long…..get me started on gigs and there’s no shutting me up! I’ll sign off by saying just one more thing: I’m on the guest list! LOL…..
    Big hugs hon XXX

    • sorry, that should have read ‘ever buying’. Also, was referring to Dave Wilmot as the would-be actor working in the Coffee Inn, and not Glen (it’s not very clear from how I wrote it).

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