19th January Saturday


Wow! What a gig last night? John Spillane gave us his all! He certainly wrapped us in his spell just like he said he would. Entertaining too, we were in knots laughing at some of his stories.
Unfortunately, I was not at all comfortable in my old wheelchair and poor Ana and Lucy had to take turns at mopping around my mouth. With this discomfort in mind along with a desire to drink a glass of Murphy’s (which I couldn’t), a thought arose. As I scanned the room I asked myself: “do these people realise how lucky they are to be able to have a drink and a chat with their friends? ” such simple pleasures but not within my reach when I am away from my cocoon of home. When I am out every conversation is one sided and every drink a messy challenge.
All of this led me to think of the wonders of being able to move freely . So please cuddle your kids and partners, enjoy what life brings each day. Count your blessings. I do for the use of my eyes without which I wouldn’t be able to write this. Being alive is a miracle as Thich Nhat Hahn says. I can hear national anger on the radio on a daily basis if I choose to but if everybody realised just how lucky they truly are to be in a healthy working body they might be able to transform their lives. Then Mr J. Duffy would be jobless from the misery programme on RTE and he would have to transform his life too!


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  1. Hi GORGEOUS Star,
    My….I can’t keep up with the blogs now! Coming through loud & clear & loving it! It was such an amazing night at John Spillane & to think I hesitated ( just for a second mind) when Ana asked me to go! Thank heavens for you & thank heavens for Ana! Regardless of the challenges, you continue ( as you ALWAYS have ) to bring such fun, joy & excellent memories into my life. I hear everything you are saying Star & thank-you for reminding me. BTW I am so happy to be at your side on a night out & will do ANYTHING you need / want me to do! It is just so fun to be out together! Here’s to LOADS more of that & BIG BIG cheers to that MAN in a MILLION husband of yours!
    A demain :-))
    Dol xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Ps. I WISH the WHOLE world could read this blog & get on with LIVING instead of waisting time & going around in circles getting nothing done other than giving us all a headache! NOT that I tune into it….. Far from it!
    Dol xxxxxx

  3. Em, I couldn’t agree more. I have often wondered at the popularity of the whingefest that is the JD Show and I reckon its appeal may lie in hearing about people even worse off than oneself and so people actually feel happier (and more grateful?) about their lot after tuning in. Or maybe not, who knows? All that collective negativity can’t be good for anyone’s head though.
    I’ve been trying (and failing often) to practice mindfulness of my blessings, and to stop my own whingeing (which is often actualy a habit one falls into for the want of something else to say but such a drain on energy). Ed will beg to differ, I’m sure, LOL (hey, I can’t help my PMT!) but in general, I am trying to realise that most of the stupid stuff that I personally waste energy complaining about (a missed bus, a phone that refuses to charge, dog litter outside my front door, blah) is just that – inconsequential, transient, easily sorted out trivia. I am by no means even half way to being the calmer, more appreciative creature I’d like to be but knowing that I no longer want to be a whinger is a move in the right direction, I hope. Now, every time I have to use the stairs in work because the lift is out of action, or have to walk home from work in the rain, I say ‘big deal, 1st world problem hon’ and get on with it minus an attitude. The Holy Faith nuns, who tried in vain to drum that sense of gratitude into my classmates and me years ago (“be grateful for the two legs God gave you”, when we complained about having to do another lap of the running track), would be most gratified to know their words have finally found a willing ear!
    PS glad you had fun at the gig – your observations are brilliant, as usual x

  4. Hi There Emma,
    So great to hear that you, Lucy and Ana went to the concert! There is something so very special, almost intoxicating about live music!
    Thank you always for your beautiful, gentle reminders to “be here now” and appreciate everything. Bringing our attention to the fact that what we consider almost mundane at times is actually so exquisitely beautiful; the chat with a friend, a family dinner, a walk around the garden , a little hug and a kiss.. you express this truth so warmly and with such clarity,it fills me with love and appreciation. Emma, I really thank you for this.
    Here’s a quote I love.. I probably have sent it before.. sort of went along with the theme of your post:
    “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ― Albert Einstein

  5. Can’t wait to get all the goss Gus, awwwwwlllll the ways you wander….see you tomorrow……awwwwwllllll the ways you roam…….thanks for reminding us all xxx Mella

  6. More wise words Em! Thanks for the reminder…with the meedja telling us that last ‘Black Monday’ was supposedly the most depressing day of the year, it’s easy to forget we can be the authors of our own happiness by focusing on the manifold little positives and blessings in our lives. I gathered the family together this evening to read this post – maybe they thought I was bonkers, but I think they heard the message 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re keeping this blog dear friend, thank you xxx

  7. Powerful stuff, uplifting as always. And yeah, what’s with the ‘Moan to Joe Show’! 6 hours of the nation’s time focusing on the negative every week, how is that ever going to help the mood of the country. Look forward to next week’s installment.

  8. Hi Emma.

    Well said and very true !. We all need a reminder of how lucky we really are so thank you for that. So glad you enjoyed the concert apart from the wheelchair and desire for a glass of Murphys. Love reading your posts and look forward to them, you give all your followers something to look forward to. Remember though at times when you feel miserable let us know and we your readers will try to boast you back up again. There are so many people thankful and grateful for your blog and also over whelmed by your courage , empathy for others and powerful gift of writing.

    Emma you are AMAZING.


  9. Hi Emma, I’m loving your blog! Am listening to John Spillane – All the way you Wander, on YouTube at the mo (thanks for that – he’s really soulful….love his lyrics) it was lovely to read your Christmas list, I agree about your hubby – he’s one in a million! (so many positives) 🙂 Thank you for reminding me how lucky I am to be able to have a pint and a chat with friends…we do all need to be reminded sometimes. You’re right about the doses on the JD show though, seriously aren’t we Irish just brilliant at moaning?! All bitching aside though we are great craic! But the whingefest has to stop, everyone would be a lot happier if they listened to music instead. I’m so glad you got to the concert-I know how important live gigs are to you. I’m listening to the ‘Dunnes Stores Girl’ now..ah it’s gas. Hope you get to loads more gigs girl! Love you. Swiss xxxx

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