The Power of Intention


I’ve been listening to a couple of great women on youtube who really inspire me. Brandon Bays had a tumour the size of a water melon in her belly which she managed to self-heal. And Lynn McTaggart, author of many books including one called “the Field” talks about “healing the trauma ” in cancer. Lynn is more scientific about how our energy works and how the power of intention can heal. So I will show you first an interview between both women and a much longer talk then with Lynn to be watched when kids go to bed as you will need full attention! I have been listening to the above with Natasja at lunch time and we both get a lot from it.

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  1. This is truly important material – thanks so much for discovering and sharing it Em. We need to spread this word and to empower everyone who’s interested. Who wants to live by the old disempowering false paradigms! xxx

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