Three Little Birds


As in the great Bob Marley song, “three little birds” came to my bedroom window recently. They were robins. But only one came right in front of the window as if to tell me something. Well he did because later that day I heard that my lovely uncle Pat, Mum’s older brother, had passed away. (What’s with the robins I ask myself? I mentioned in an earlier post how these tiny winged creatures often appear around a death). I was very upset about this news and cried a lot over that weekend. It felt as if part of my childhood in Kerry had disappeared with him. I recall how he would saunter into my grandparents house in Tralee, of a day, saluting us all “down from Dublin”. Then with a lovely smile, he’d saunter back out again. That’s how I remember this warm hearted man. So I’ve dedicated the Johnny Cash song ‘Girl from the North Country’ to him. May he rest in peace.

Otherwise, we celebrated the birth of a much awaited new second cousin. Born on the 11th March 2013 Hamish Arthur Pank graced his parents with his presence in a Surrey hospital. Welcome Hamish! Can’t wait to meet you!

To finish, some photographs from our local parade on St Patrick’s day.


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  1. Hi Emma, I ‘m sorry to hear of your uncle Pats passing… I remember you all speaking very fondly of him in years past… Funny little robins, there they are again, I like to think of them as comforting and a reminder of people passing on to a better place…
    It’s lovely to see the photos of you all out and about celebrating Patrick’s day! I miss all the celebrations at home, over here it’s doesn’t seem quite authentic!
    Your beautiful children are growing up so fast(as they do!), little Kitty has a likeness to her gorgeous auntie Lucy I reckon.
    Thank you Emma for continually inspiring and reminding me of what’s truly important in life.
    I think of you so often across the miles and remember with such fondness the ‘craic’ we had together all those years ago. Great memories!
    Much love
    Bye for now
    Susan x

  2. Lovely memories of your uncle Pat, Em – bless him and all of you in your loss of him being around. Wonderful news about Hamish – welcome to him. Loved the St. Patrick’s day photos and Bar and Joyce told me they really had a great time with you all. Lots of love and hugs, Gill xxx

  3. I was sorry to read about your Uncle Pat, I had not heard. Yes, such wonderful news about the new edition to our family, I can’t wait to meet him. I LOVED all of the photo’s, looks like you all had a wonderful time.
    As you know the girls will be visiting you soon, they are really looking forward to seeing everyone, also this is their first visit to Ireland, wish I was coming over too!
    Lots of love to you Emma

  4. Sorry to hear about your uncle Pat Em, Mum and Dad told me as they had been speaking to Toni, very sad news. Glad to see that you had a good time celebrating St Patricks day and good to see the wonderful news of Hamish making your blog! He is sooo totally gorgeous! and we are all so happy! Bec and Andy doing really well and loving parenthood… I am a very proud Auntie! have sent you some pics of them all this Easter on email. Lots of love Rach XXXX

  5. Hi Star,

    Here’s to Uncle Pat. What a fine man with a lovely family. I am sure he would love the song you dedicated to him :-))
    And now here’s to Hamish & all the adventures he’s about to have! Very exciting!

    Thanks for this great reading Star :-))

    Dol xoxoxoxo

  6. Sorry to hear about your uncle Pat.I understand your feeling about part of your childhood disappearing..of course it’s still there, the people, the places , the experiences become part of our individual fabric… but some people, and places feel as if they are permanant fixtures, part of the definition of my childhood. Sending Love to you all. I just heard that Simon was there,that must have been lovely to all be together for Easter.
    Yes ! Such wonderful and happy news about Hamish!

  7. Hi Emma , thanks so much for the kind words about dad, you def picked the right artist in the ‘man in black’ we used to get so tired of listening to him at home and in the car as kids and dad always told us ‘ you’ll like johnny cash yet’ and sure enough when I heard his American series albums about 8 years ago I’ve been hooked since! Needless to say dad told me ‘ I told you so!’ A lovely song and a very kind of u to dedicate it to dad thank u. I love ur blog ( it’s the first time I’ve EVER seen or been on anybody’s blog as I’m not in to computers, more if a Stone Age man myself!) and will keep in touch with it now. Hope your all well in the rebel county please give love to all. Xxx

  8. Hi Emma.
    Sorry to hear about your lovely uncle Pat. But lovely to hear about baby Hamish , they must have passed each other on the way with one leaving and one arriving.
    I hope you are keeping well.Thinking of you today when at last I saw the beginning of what will hopefully be a lovely sunny summer.

    Looking forward to your next post and hearing how you are doing.
    Cal x

  9. So sorry to hear about your Uncle Pat. x

    Hope you had a nice time with Simon when he was over.
    Thank you for mentioning our little Hamish, we can’t wait for you to meet him.
    Lots of Love Becka Xxx

  10. Hi Emma, just reading your blog and cried my eyes out reading about Dad. He would have loved your song – Johnny Cash was one is his big time favourites! I have only a few weeks ago downloaded some of his songs to remember Dad and put one of your Dad’s that I remember from my childhood, Crystal Gayle, Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue. Titled my disc “memories of my loved ones”. From time to time I will listen to it – depending on the mood of course.

    Your photographs are fantastic – you look well and my god, the kids have grown some. Sounds you were truly blessed when husbands were being handed out and he with the wife line (ha ha). You are both so lucky to have each other – not many couples have that today unfortunately.

    Will stay i touch via you beautiful blog – keep on strong – you are one amazing woman, lady, mother and wife and courage which I truly admire – Stay strong

    Love always


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