Birthday Blog!


Lost two days blog writing on Sunday so you can well imagine how I felt. Hence my absence here recently. The previous week my eyes were so sore I could barely open them. Thank god I can now. It’s wonderful how the body renews itself with time. And I’m feeling so grateful how when I go to bed destroyed by tiredness at night, how I feel renewed and refreshed by sleep the next morning. Yes, I’m sleeping much better now. Its great!
So I’ll write the last two blogs I lost in bullet point form, here goes:

  • The eye-gaze computer is extremely sensitive to light so I can’t sit near any window or use outside on a sunny day. This is challenging as I love being outside but I must choose between a chat or a sniff of fragrant spring air.
  • Brought kids to circus recently which they loved. I thought it was unbearable, not a patch on Fossets who delighted us all last year. My sister was delighted at how the Romanian circus workers carried me through the big top to our seats.
  • As in any event where I go out and meet other peer mums I get so down afterwards. I just feel so hard done by. It must be hard for the mums to see me too. So many changes in such a short period of time. And it’s not like I can even engage in conversation when I’m out. Its hard but necessary for me to keep in touch with others.
  • Kitty gave me a drink for the first time last week. She’s such a sweetie and did it no problem. I’m so proud of her! She’s also inherited her dad’s love of and ability with all things “techie”. I remember seeing her transporting my eye gaze computer from the living room to the bedroom when she was only four. She set it up to perfection.
  • Rowan is very musical. He’s learning piano, violin and tin whistle at school. He plays keyboard from morning till night and really well too. At his first Communion on Saturday he’ll be playing the tin whistle on the altar. I’m so proud of him. Eight years old and I had three whole years just him and me, when I used to be dashing back from my job in Cork to pick him up from child-care. He would be so happy to see me and later those evenings, I’d read about what he’d eaten and if he’d slept at all. Lovely to think about it now but a little sad too. My baby boy is growing up.
  • Finally I celebrated my birthday recently and I have to say I got some fabulous presents! A restaurant voucher, candle holders for outside, homemade pavlova, an audio book, tea towel, stickers for my wheelchair, flowers, hydrangea plant, Frida Kahlo mirror, a painting, earrings, nightie, nice knickers and a handmade origami lotus flower.
    I think they are the best presents ever! Such great variety indeed! I’ll never forget last year getting seven scarves. I like to think that people must see me as being more “normal” this year with a range of interests.


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  1. So good to read another post.. was checking daily to see if you’d written more, which was silly as I’m “a follower” so I’d automatically get it in my email.. but was that eager to read your blog!
    Vey good to catching up on all your news. Once again you touch on so many emotions that I find myself journeying through such a spectrum of feelings. Your children are amazing( like you and Jonnie are!) ,so intelligent, creative, sensitive and loving.What a joy they are!
    My heart truly aches for you when I think of how difficult certain things are.. you are so strong,and philosophical and always triumphant. As hard as it must be to socialize at certain times, you are right it is so important to be in touch with others. But it sounds as if your house is like grand central station, always full of people.. you probably seek solitude sometimes!
    Pleased to hear you had a lovely birthday- what an assortment of prezzies!.. Love the photo, looks so festive with the hats!
    I think we should write to some universities that specialize in computers.. surely they could make some improvements to the eye gaze..I can only imagine how exasperated you must feel when you lose your writing… and the sensitivity to light issue.. I bet some computer genius can fix that –
    Maybe Jordan could make a big sunhat for the eye gaze in the meantime!
    Sending Love Always,
    Nick oxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
    p.s. Jordan doing very well and learning how to upholster big sofas and chairs of all kinds.. yesterday he had an unusual assignment; he had to upholster 25 bricks in elaborate fabric!
    A fancy furniture shop is going to sell them as doorstops.
    More Love,
    Nick xxoo

    • Hi nick! Got your loverly card thanks and one from your mum. Yes It’s dave Johnny’s bro who recited the poem. And my friend Clare who makes films is working on the eye gaze problem. Thanks for your concern. Jordan’s jobs sounds great. Hope your plans for moving are coming along and big congratulations to sash on her graduation! Kisses xxx

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