Communion Day


Monday May 20
So it’s all over, Rowans first Communion day happened on Saturday. A great day of sunshine, celebration and song. The church bit I dreaded for fear of uncontrollable crying turned out to be a gorgeous experience and the party afterwards was fabulous “and so say all of us”!
Rowan played the tin whistle accompanied by harp and he played with such naturalness and ease I couldn’t have felt happier or more proud. There was a warming feeling of peace in the church I knew everything was going to be ok. A few funny moments too when Jonnie’s phone started talking and a poster fell only to be stuck back again upside down by a stressed out dad. Seems silly now but at the time provided a welcome laugh!
It was great to see everybody at home afterwards. Over twenty friends and family tucked in to sweet chilli chicken and rice, which was yummy. Lovely gourmet Joan made the biggest pavlova I’ve ever seen and two fine tarte tatins along with other goodies. Dave made banoffi pie which was delicious too. At my request my sister-in-law Joyce burst into song and Dave then recited one of Pablo Neruda’s poems. Our neighbour Ita sang beautifully too but our three Spanish ladies resisted.

Want to say a big thanks to our neighbour Kevin for taking great photos before the church.

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  1. Hi Emma.

    Glad the communion was great and the weather was fantastic. Rowan sounds like he was brillent . Thinking of you that day. I think you are an inspiration Emma. Have music for Rowan . Keep writing. I have a special bleep set up on my phone just for your blog when a new post arrives.
    Hugs and smiles
    Cal x

  2. Just got all the lovely pics. So good to see so much sunshine , fun and happiness. Photos came together I was at the ATM machine , my phone was in my left shirt pocket on vibrate. I am sure the guy behind me thought i was getting a heart attack while i was checking my balance. Love the photo of Kitty and the big bear hug. Also love the one where your Mum looks like she is going to jump out of photo and attack me !!! Only joking. xxx
    Cal x

  3. Sounds like a glorious day in every way!
    I loved your descriptions of the church and the party… and all the music! Would love to have heard Rowan playing ..and the singing later on .. and the poetry ( was that famous Dave I saw on YouTube ? ).
    I’m so happy that it was such a wonderful day for all !
    Much love,

  4. Hi Emma,
    I loved reading about your birthday & Rowan’s communion, I felt I was there. The photo’s are lovely, everyone looks like they were having a good time. Rowan is so handsome, he looked so proud in the photo’s. Kitty looks so pretty too.
    Lots of love,

  5. It was lovely Gus, a credit to you and all the crew around you. You thought of everything – the bouncy castle was a bonus and a half. Will be looking for several recipes…am still drooling. Fantastic photos and clips – you is a technical genius! Rowan’s tin whistle clip is a real treat, what a beautiful little man.
    Big kisses from Cork. Ana, Art and I will see you soon, I hope. Will tixt you. Has the kettle on!
    Xx Mel

  6. great photos, sounds like the day went very well. Your description of the ceremony, with the funny bits, and the party at home afterwards is great. Rowan is something else on the whistle!

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