Daily mirror


For those who haven’t seen yet there’s an article about us in todays daily mirror. Apart from the headline screaming terminal illness! It’s well written.


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  1. HI Emma,
    I can’t wait to read the article…is it online too? I’ve tried to google it but haven’t found it yet.. any hints or links?
    Much Love,
    Nick oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  2. Hi Em, the article is lovely and you’re a very handsome family. I know a lot if people will get inspiration from the piece as your love for each other truly shines through. Without a doubt you are the nicest people and the loveliest family. Xxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Emma.

    Ran out and got it when I got e mail. Well done. Does this mean you are all celebs now? Fantastic and kind of you Emma x

    Cal x

  4. THANK-YOU soooooo much for emailing the link for the article to me…… Have just finished reading it……. I am so pleased you quoted Mary Oliver at the end because that is YOU Star & you are soooo BEAUTIFUL Jonnie is AMAZING & you have 2 FANTASTIC little rascals!!
    So much LOVE to you all,
    Dol xoxoxoxoxo ( now where’s the blinkin’ Kleenex !! )

  5. Hi Emma,
    Thank you so much for sending the link… I have sent it on to family and friends on this side of the pond.I enjoyed reading the article and think the writer could feel all the love within and around all of you and your incredible strength, courage and wisdom…BUT that headline has got to go!
    That said, I think the readers can see and feel how amazing you and Jonnie are,and that the two of you are the essence of living and loving .. also that was a fabulous photo.. you and Jonnie looked gorgeous. I hope readers of the article will go onto read your blog.. (I see they had a link to it).You are a beautiful writer, have you had any offers to write for a magazine or paper? Would you be interested , or is that a bit stressful?
    Sending much love as always,
    Nick oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  6. Hi Star,
    Thank-you soooooo much for sending the article …. What I think is amazing is the absolute LIFE that is hopping out if it so headline doesn’t go in my opinion. Since you said how the headline was worded, I have been thinking alot about that word ” terminal” …. I think it is a REALLY BAD choice of word in general because in my opinion everyones life is terminal as “I” only have this very second as I breath and really DO NOT know how ” long ” MY life will be… I know we have spoken about this many times and it is TRUE ……. Perhaps one day the media,medics & whoever else will start to realise this and live by taking just one breath at a time and be grateful for it & cherish it. There is sooooo much we do not know about ” LIFE” ….
    I love you Star,
    Dol xoxoxo

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