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Saturday 22 June
The interview with Jonnie appeared in last Thursdays Irish Mirror was fairly accurate (got my age wrong – I’m a year less!) and well written. For those who didn’t read it find the link here. I said to Laura as she helped me with my lunch today “I dread being known as “the Lady with MND”” and she replied “you are known for your strength in living with it “.

We did an interview yesterday with the Irish Independent newspaper. The journalist sent me some questions which I really enjoyed answering as nobody has asked those types of questions before. “What do you miss?”or “what was life like before onset?” Such frank questions nobody dares to ask for fear of offending me. But I feel good about being able to answer them now.
I’ll let you know when it’s published.
Jonnie and I watched a movie. It’s based on a book that Wayne Dyer has written called “The Shift” (Shapeshiftingemma!). If you have time to spare I’d highly recommend watching it. We got a lot out of it and I think Wayne Dyer (who stars in it) is really a gorgeous man.


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  1. Morning Star,
    I love when I wake up & you have sent me a message to say ” new post “! I have just finished watching the movie you posted & I really, really enjoyed it. It is so real & so true and it feels so good when you can identify with things he says. Mainly the reason I can is because he says things that you have said to me over the years. It really is a treat in life if you can understand these things and let go OR as you said to me just recently when I was in a tizzy…… ” watch it unfold ” …. You know what I am talking about and let me tell you…. Those words you said to me are imprinted in my mind and they have brought alot of calm to me especially in that area….that’s why I loved this movie because for me it was full of all that jazz!! Great post Star!
    Dol xoxoxo
    Ps. Those trees & that location … Amazing!

  2. I also love seeing that”new post”message!
    As always love hearing your latest thoughts and news,,,I look forward to reading the Indendent interview. I like the sound of the journalist and his/her thoughtful questions.. also enjoyed the movie..l especially liked the wayne Dyer bits. Thank you so much.. needed to hear that central message this morning… I have been feeling so good recently and when things were not going smoothly sat back and without trying ,thought,”hmmm , I wonder how this will turn out, unfold”.. and I wasn’t stressed , I was just a little curious. It was such a rich and relaxing feeling.. then not sure exactly what or why but earlier this morning ,I felt that feeling of something being not quite right, tried to ease my self back.. then I watched parts of the movie you sent.. and there was just what I needed to bring back my calm.So, Thank you SO much for posting that and for talking about Wayne Dyer he is a great teacher.. I love his energy and enthusiasm.
    I remember years ago reading The Bhagavad Gita and reading the sentance “ÿoga comes and yoga goes”. and I thought what do they mean? , I’m not going to lose this .. but it is true.. the truth is always there but union with it or the yoga of it does come and go.. and that’s where I find it so helpful to read and to listen to things that remind me of the truth..and guide me back to the union.
    Thank you for your post,, your views, your energy..they were my guide today! xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Love you,
    Nick xoxooxoxo
    I loved what Laura said.. it’s so true oxxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  3. Thanks for posting the link Emma, I tried to post a message to ask for it, but it didn’t work so I went scouring the London newsagents trying to find it instead but couldn’t, I now know that I can get the Irish Independent at the newsagents next the office now so let me know when that article is out and I will rush out to buy it. I haven’t watched the film yet, but will watch this too, as I have said to you before I am so enjoying reading and learning so much from you and your blog posts.
    I have also shared your article with a couple of friends who are going through tough times health wise hoping that your spirit gives them a lift too!
    I love the picture of the four of you too such a beautiful family, inside and out!
    Lots of love, love you cousin!
    Rach XXXX

  4. Hi Emma .

    Just done watching the movie Emma. Thanks for posting it. I got lots out of it , and I LOVED the soundtrack.
    Cal x

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