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  1. Where do you find them????? I love that song … First time I have heard it. The visuals are cool! I think the girl looks like Michelle Stephenson hein?!! Thank-you xxxx

  2. Hi Emma.
    I love that song Emma too and all her music. That extract reminded me of Kitty and Rowens “I love you video in the garden” from last May.
    Lisa looks like a grown up version of Kitty do you think !
    Thinking of you always .
    Cal x

  3. hi shapeshifter thanks for the song it is excellent i love it also now and really got engaged in the story a strong woman ye are everywhere ! scilly 59

  4. Wow, love the song and video. Video has to be such a last century word though, funny how it has survived the technological onslaught of the 21st century! On a very trivial note, I showed a house to the lovely Ms Hannigan a while back and she is even more beautiful in real life, it was lovely to meet her.

  5. Love this song. It reminded me of going to see her in the Spaniard one night with Dervilla. I drove up there and had a few drinks and was enjoying the music when a woman rang me to say that honey (the dog) had escaped and had nearly got run over by the church. She was in a rush to go home and I couldn’t drive so I rang Orla and she went and collected honey and brought her home for me. It just reminds me what a beautiful place we live(ed) in and how lucky we were to all find each other. Not long now till I see you all xxxx

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