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Hi for those who didn’t see this have a look!


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  1. Hi Emma,
    What an excellent article..I loved the the writer’s approach.. the beauty of who you are and your family love come through loud and clear. Love all the photos Alannah’s polk dotted dress!
    Sending much love to all.
    Miss you…I’m overdue for a visit!
    I’ll email soon with the latest updates on plans.
    More Love xoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxox
    Nick oxoxoxoxoxxo

  2. Jaysus Emma, read the article and am devastated! Before this happened to you, you were an amazing girl, all of us wanted to be near you, be your friend, look like you, sound like you – you had something special. Well now your special something has multiplied by a million, you are something else! Every visit is amazing with you, just like old times, but with a posh English accent! You still make me laugh and cry and feel like a better person. I wish life could be different for you but by God, you and yours are truly living every minute to the max. See you Wednesday, yours in tefal, Mella xx

  3. Hi Emma.

    I cried when I saw the photos from a few years back. But what a fantastic , brave and up lifting interview. I am as always in awe of your ability to deal with this horrific condition and your inner sense of spirit love of life and the many links and avenues that you have shared with me and your other readers All of which inject a huge ray of sunshine into mine and others lives.

    Forget France , I heard its raining there. I know you are enjoying the sunshine.

    In my thoughts always .

    Cal x

  4. Hi Em, I did manage to run out and get a copy, LJ let me know it was out, I was so surprised and pleased to see your photo on the front page, radiating out from the newspaper stand in Central London! I loved all the photos, the one of you and baby Kitty is so cute, and you look sooo young and beautiful. I agree with Nicky’s comments that your spirit came through loud and clear through the article, and it really gave a real insight into your every day lives, it was a great piece you must be happy with it. Your ability to live with, and live well with this terrible pain is a constant inspiration to us all. I know that you are unable to hug the family now, but hopefully you still experience lots of joy by being hugged them instead! Sending you a virtual hug here! Lots of love Rach XXXXX

  5. Hi Star,
    This article is magic and so well written!
    It oozes the spirit of ” 21 ” and it is so true as I well know having just spent a FANTASTIC week there …. Thank-you for taking such good care of me! You are THE hostess with the mostess( and Jonnie & kids too!! ) . Back in ” lower Normandy ” now …… Thank heavens it is only very temporary… A bit feral here ;-))
    Lots of love to you all,
    See you in 4!!
    Dol xoxoxo

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