I’ve been watching and enjoying “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix with Lucy. It’s always a bonus to find a good programme to enjoy at night when my head finally hits the pillow. It’s great too when I have somebody to watch it with. After a day asking everybody to do stuff for me it feels so good to be able to relax and enjoy something on the iPad in bed.

My sister Lucy came back from France on a spontaneous visit for a week. I love when she’s here and the kids do too. Everybody benefits, Jonnie gets time out and the kids get a generous hands-on aunty who buys them nice things! Kitty especially appreciates the closeness. She gets to do things that I can’t do with her. Like getting a story read to her or strolling along the seashore hand-in-hand. (By the way does anyone know of any good audio fairy tales on line, age 5 up?). I benefit from Lucy being here too. I get a friend to talk to and a fashion consultant! She’s really good at putting clothes together.

I’ve been really enjoying the glorious weather and yes Sal, legs lovely and brown now, albeit a “farmer’s tan”! The kids are having a ball, playing outside with their friends and splashing about in a paddling pool. They’re getting good too at putting on sun cream! Thank God for this wonderful weather!

The Dublin holiday had its ups and downs unfortunately. We stayed in a well kitted out apartment near the Phoenix Park. The highlight being a trip to Dublin Zoo. Rowan was so delighted and excited with it all, especially the gigantic elephant poo! It gave me an enormous amount of pleasure seeing him enjoying everything so much. I met friends that know me a long time and that was great too and visiting in-laws is always life-giving. Mum was fantastic at looking after meals and Ana too at looking after me. But despite all this, Jonnie and I didn’t do well. The eye-gaze computer was acting up so communication suffered. Not being able to get my message across didn’t help us and, as you can imagine, misunderstandings ensued. Tension and lots of tears. Then, to top it off, our poor aupair Natalia got unwell and will be returning to Spain next week.

I was never so pleased to get back home again after the holiday! Back to home comforts where everything functions and runs smoothly… well, most of the time!

By the way I have been finding that Netflix programme that I mentioned a bit too heavy. Any Recommendations? 


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  1. Hi Emma.

    Glad you a had a good holiday , frustrating albeit at times. Happy to hear about your farmers tan ! I think the best part of holidays is looking forward to getting away and then happy and excited to be returning home again .Had a little laugh at the confusion that must have ensued between your self and Johnnie regarding the hiccup in communication due to the boldness of the eye gaze.

    My little boy saw me reading your article in the independent . He has an autograph book with Jedwards among other signatures in it . He is waiting for school to return so that he can get Rowans and Kitty’s autographs to add to it. He was also asking in his own words as Rowan is famous now “could he have a word with somebody from The Wanted so that he could get to meet them ” Poor Rowan is going to be tormented in September.

    On to the story audios, will be in touch in the next few days. I don’t know the movie that you are watching, and I have a zero chance of finding out with all the crew on summer hols. But for a family laugh I would recommend the box set o f’ Outnumbered ‘ Fantastic and a great relief to watch and discover that we are normal,( well me anyway ) Watch the clips on U tube where the family meets Andy Murray and also the clip where the little girl gets to be a mascot for some famous Chelsea football player and how she drives him mad in the tunnel. Both classic and funny .

    I am sad that Natalia is sick . I have met her briefly a few times and she is fantastic with the kids. Please send on my get well wishes.

    Keep positive and smiling on the inside Emma. And remember that you are an unbelievable person that will change the world ,and the most talented writer I know.

    Thinking of you always.
    Cal x

  2. Luv, watched a good Netflix film the other day, ‘People like Us’. nice to see a beautifully ageing Michelle pfeifer. Good suggestion re visit in morn. I can come wed or fri if either suits. Will tixt you. So delighted to hear Lucy was home, she’s a good un and makes a fine Tay too ☕ xx

  3. Hi Em,

    Another great blog, thanks from us all.

    I have a gardener s tan, similar to your farmers tan. I don’t mind one bit!

    Lots of love, Sal

    Sent from my iPad

  4. Bonjour Etoile!
    I have read this piece over and over as it reminds me of the fantastic week we’ve just spent together. I enjoyed every second. It was a real holiday! I love being with you, Jonnie & the kids & it’s always so good to see all the other beautiful smiling faces coming and going from 21! Your home is a really great place to be! Can’t wait for my next visit in August!
    Bisous & thank-you for being THE BEST sister EVER,
    Love Dol xoxoxoxo

  5. Hi Emma,
    Loved hearing about your summer so far.. as always you described everything so well, I could see it all clearly in my mind, Rowan’s delight at the zoo, Alannah and Lucy walking by the sea..the paddling pool fun..and your farmer’s tan!
    I think everyone has experienced holiday stress, and at some point down the road it becomes a funny story(hopefully :-)! )..but I can’t imagine the agonizing frustration you must go through when the eyegaze is acting up.. I get angry about that.. any improvements since the software updates?

    Here’s a line from Elizabeth Bishop’s, “Questions of Travel”, that makes me smile..
    “Think of the long trip home.
    Should we have stayed at home and thought of here? ”

    Sending much love to all of you oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox
    Nick xooxoxoxoxoxox

  6. Hi Em, funnily enough I didn’t get the usual notification that your latest blog was up but hey, I found it anyway! It was sooo good to see you in Dublin – and the kids so lively and full of fun especially! Really sorry to hear that Natalia got ill, I wish her a speedy recovery. Bummer that she had to return to Spain (understandably of course) as she really fitted in so well and seems like a wonderful person.

    I hear you re holiday tensions! Husband and I have been known to almost snarl at eachother during these ‘relaxing’ breaks….weather too hot/too wet/too cold, restaurant we wanted is unexpectedly closed, the son & heir whingeing that he’s ‘bored’ after we’ve just spent a fortune on said holiday….ha, I could writ a buke! And always funny in hindsight, if not at the time. The level of holiday happiness expectation can be so high as to set you up for disappointment and it can take a few days to really come down from the stresses that led you to go on hols in the first place.

    Of course, you face different challenges with the Eye Gaze misbehaving so that was unfortunate. I hope it’s sorted out now, honey. At least you had enough happy experiences such as the Zoo trip (and seeing us, LOL!) to balance the other disasters. I hope, anyway. And yes, one of my favourite bits about a holiday – however enjoyable, however beautiful the location – is that lovely feeling of walking back into the familiarity of your own house, sleeping in your own comfy bed, having a whole wardrobe full of CLOTHES again (10 mere kgs? – aargh!) and thine own kettle for making a proper cup of tea after all that foreign maiden’s water.

    I’m missing the heatwave now that monsoon season has kicked in…don’t mind the odd shower to water the plants but I draw the line at water running down my landing walls! It was fab while it lasted though, I’m sporting a nice ‘office’ tan ie. arms, chest and feet (from an hour a day in Stephens Green). Was working on the backs of my arms (you know the bit that just refuses to tan?) when the darn thing disappeared from the sky. Harumph.

    You really should get Outnumbered, as suggested above. Hilarious. Spot on about the joys, frustrations and daily challenges of family life with three lively, imaginative and cheeky kids! Let me know if you have it or not and I’ll look it up on Amazon for you. It’s often on tv but not sure of times.

    Hugs for now – good Lord, am really hogging your page!
    Keep strong, honey xxx

  7. Hi Emma,
    I always enjoy reading your blog, & hearing about the family. How lovely that Lucy was able to visit for a week.
    I can just see Rowan getting so excited at the zoo!
    Kurt & I figured out holiday stresses, don’t go away! Yesterday we took a one day vacation on our back deck, it was a beautiful, sunny day we sat outside all day, read the papers, listened to music cooked food tapas style & had a few glasses of champagne. Best holiday ever! So maybe you could have another holiday in your lovely back garden.
    Lots of love to you Emma,
    Fiona xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  8. Hi Emma.

    Thinking of you and hanging on for a post . Working on the cd but impossible to get head space time with wild house of mad children on summer holidays . Will sort it this week . Go on post up a bit of music or something. Hoping the eye gaze is behaving !

    Thinking of you as always.
    . Cal x

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