Good news!


August 24 Saturday

Wonderful recent news that I ‘ve been dying to post, but we ‘ve been “off the grid “at the Dock beach Kinsale where we were holidaying for the past week.
Ten days ago the palliative nurse came. She told me she’d been talking about me with the Professor. They had decided to discharge me from the hospice service if I was willing because I ‘m doing so well.
You can imagine how this news absolutely lifted me! “this is the best confirmation of my well being that I ‘ve ever had!”
Other good news, the replacement eye gaze has arrived! “hip hip, yay!” its much better than the other one as it works more smoothly with less concern about light. Hence, I don’t need to sit in a darkened room to use it. “Fan bloody tastic!”
Finally, other great news.
My lovely brother in law Dave, sent me a newspaper article about a man with the same condition as mine who was completely cured allegedly by praying to Padre Pio. You can guess who I’ve been praying to ever since! Can I suggest if anyone wants to add to this ‘energy’ I’d really appreciate the prayers thanks.
“Well done Donal! I was supposed to meet you when I was first diagnosed. Somebody mentioned you and asked me to pray for you.”
Interestingly, on a recent shopping trip to nearby town, Bandon, a friendly looking elderly man approached us. He asked my sister to take his Padre Pio relic and to bless me with it. After the blessing he spoke of the wonderful healing miracles he had witnessed through this Italian Saint. On leaving, he said he would pray to him for me.
So that’s it folks! It feels so good to report some good news after the last post.

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  1. Dear Emma,
    What wonderful news! Thank goodness you now have a new eyegaze, I will now start praying to Padre Pio for you, and as always keep sending you good energy.
    With lots of love,

  2. Dear Emma
    I have been reading your blogg regularly and finally getting around to leaving a comment. After your last entry it made me very conscious to be grateful for every thing that I usually take for granted-walking, talking, and especially singing. You are really spreading the message of mindful living and gratitude and are a real inspiration to many people- thank you.
    I am so glad you have got positive news this week and of course I will keep you in my prayers (as usual) but as you request I will address some to Padre Pio in the future.
    Of course an Italian Saint would suit you best!
    love to Jonnie and the family,

  3. Emma,
    SO, SO HAPPY about all your good news!!!!!!!
    Truly wonderful that you are doing so well that the nurse had to discharge you from her care, I Love that! Also absolutely fantastic that you have a new eye gaze machine.. I was very concerned about that, as I know it’s so vital for you.
    You know you are always in my thoughts, prayers and meditations. I will pray to Padre Pio.. so curious that you heard about him in several ways..I looked him up straight away after reading your post..As Wayne Dyer,Osho and others have said,”Be realistic..expect a miracle”.
    I agree with Ruben’s comment, you are truly spreading the message about mindful living and gratitude, you are living it, and you strengthen and inspire me everyday as you do to everyone who knows you or reads your blog(still don’t like that word).
    Seriously Emma.. you are AMAZING!
    Tons of LOVE,
    Nick oxoxoxoxoooxoxoxoxoxxoox

  4. Oh Emma, discharged from palliative care, that’s such positive heartening news! No wonder your celebrating!
    I met a man yesterday who has MND for 20 years. He’s in a wheelchair,requiring full care but his condition stabilised a few years after diagnosis and he hasn’t deteriorated since. As you can imagine he is so thankful every day. Please goodness Emma, this will be your story too, your certainly heading in the right direction!
    Please give my love to your dear mum too, really hope her pelvis is healing well and she’s makes a full recovery soon.
    Much love to you and your gorgeous family.
    Susan xxxxx

  5. Hi Star,
    I love when such great things happen at a time when it seems like things are so bad that the low awful feelings will never pass. I am not surprised at all that Kate & the professer discharged you. You are so responsible & interested in giving your mind & body the best care & love that it deserves……..and it shows. Between your great insight & ALL the AMAZING team of people & friends around you,only good things can happen. Hope you have rebooked the Dock for next summer!!! Maybe one on the green hein?! Sure they are all fab!!
    Je vous souhaite une tres BELLE journee!!
    Gros Bisous,
    Dol xoxoxoxo

  6. Hi Emma. Thank you for re-introducing me to Wayne Dyer who I just spent the last hour listening to after a long absence. I can now see again how inspiring he is. So glad to to hear your good news.
    Love again to Antoinette and yourself and wish her a speedy recovery. Love Frances.

  7. Hi Emma

    Yep you have me praying to Paddy Pio himself .Trust you to land yourself with an Italian saint. Great news Emma.
    I am so happy that you are happy. Thinking of you all the time. Hoping the back to school went smoothly yesterday. Fab about the eye gaze. Told you didn’t have to go to France this year for the weather.
    Always in my thoughts Emma.
    Cal .

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