Summer Holidays


Before the sun goes and the yummy holiday feeling fades, I must tell you about mine.
We spent one glorious week in a rented house at our very local Dock beach, Kinsale. Apart from the very uncomfortable bed, our days were made up of beach visits and sitting outside in glorious sunshine. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Watching the kids catching mackerel with a fishing rod (thanks Julian!) on the beach at night and eating them for lunch the next day.
  • Sitting on the green together with sea in view and playing monopoly there (thanks Annmarie!)
  • Seeing Lucy arrive in her lovely red jacket.
  • Getting my feet drenched by turquoise waves at Garrertstown beach while Lucy helped me to eat Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Ice Cream and Mum watched on her crutches (her pelvis is healing well, she’s flying it!)
  • Being able to relax a bit with Jonnie and enjoy the “holiday feeling”

Now kids are back at school, Rowan in third class and Kitty, senior infants.

Maria, our aupair, announces that she’s leaving in two weeks just when we were settling back in to routine. This hits hard as it takes so long to find a replacement but she seems unmoved by this. What can you do, we’re certainly meeting a broad selection of people in this game! Some really giving, some not at all.
I worry about Jonnie. He has so much to do. He reminds me of myself when I was well: trying to do everything for the kids and the family. Making school lunches at night, getting uniforms ready, constantly filling the washing machine and then, on top of that, he has to turn me at night. Even when I was waking at night with Kitty, I still knew I could get a break at some stage the following day, but he seems “on” all of the time. We actually need more help because without him, our family couldn’t survive.

I was reminiscencing with Rowan the other night. I was asking if he remembered when he was in playschool and he was so delighted to see me when I used to pick him up. He replied “but Mum, I’m happy to see you now!”
Nothing like a blast back into the present as only a child can do! What a sweetheart.
Nearly forgot to mention the Padre Pio blessing. The headmistress of the kids school contacted me after reading my last blog. She mentioned about how a close family member was on deaths door last autumn. How a lady came to bless her with Padre Pio’s glove and how this person improved immediately and continues on. The glove is the property of the same man, Donal Enright who I mentioned in my last post. My brother-in-law told me about him. So between the jigs and the reels, the headmistress kindly arranged for this woman to come and give me a blessing too with the same holy glove. I felt very emotional and did bucket loads of crying. She had kind eyes and a warm smile. She reassured me that crying was healing. (I thought to myself, if crying is healing, I should be well healed by now so!)
My friends son, who has difficulty walking, came too and Mum of course. He is doing good now his Mum has told me. Some small improvements since the blessing: walking stairs well and cycling.
I’ve been feeling strong in spirit but haven’t noticed any physical improvements.
Mum is walking stairs now and leaving Haven Bay Care Centre today.
Thanks to everybody for leaving comments here. I really enjoy reading them.
I’m posting a ten minute movie that might make you smile. Laura told me about how a Chinese boy learns Irish on his way here as he thinks it’s the official spoken language. He certainly doesn’t have an easy time of it!






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  1. Good Morning Etoile,

    I started my morning by blasting your last Lisa tune in the hallway so I could hear it all over the house! Then I lay down to read this! It was so lovely to read and be reminded of those special times together! I also loved the opening lines of this! Though it must be incredibly difficult when people don’t work out as hoped there is a reason….I hope that doesn’t irritate you….I am also constantly in awe of Jonnie. He is an incredibly giving man. A real HUSBAND & such a loving father. Can’t wait to get back for winter.
    All my love,
    Dol xoxoxo
    Ps. So pleased you liked my red jacket!!!

  2. Hi Emma,
    Loved reading your latest.. so full of news and feelings. Sounds like such a wonderful holiday,
    I adore all the photos too! Jonnie is such an an amazing person, husband ,father…like you, his goodness,wisdom and beauty radiate far and wide. I hope you can find another aupair without too much trouble… perhaps someone extra special is just around the corner, you never know how these things will unfold.
    Very happy to hear your mum is healing so well..
    Adored Rowan’s comment…I am so grateful for all that children teach us!
    Much Love to all,
    Nick oxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Hi Em, great blog as per. So glad you got to enjoy a holiday at last, after Dublin being such a downer that time. You have a very wise & loving little man in Rowen, what a gorgeous thing for him to tell you – and he meant it! Oh, how WE learn from our kids really…. Anyway hon, just sending hugs. Hope you get FAB new au pair, so will root for that. Babs xx

  4. Hi Emma.
    Just saw the photos now. Didnt get them before. They are lovely. What a brilliant idea to head down to the dock for a holiday! You are very luckly to be covered up snug in love by your family.
    Thinking of you always and hoping you are enjoying the beginnings of Autumn.
    Cal x

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