In Loving Memory


“What will survive of us is love “

Philip Larkin

(From memorial service)


I lost a dear friend last week who had struggled with cancer for six years. I met her over twenty five years ago in Dublin through a mutual friend. Originally from a farm outside Portlaoise, Louise formed part of our precious circle of friends who loved going to gigs and parties. When I first met  her I was taken aback by her good looks. She was like some Irish beauty long celebrated by the poets of our land: jet black hair, rosy cheeks and pale silky skin. I remember how she’d hold her cigarette in a unique way between her ring and middle finger. Her laughter was full of music and she resembled an operatic singer from Mozart’s Magic Flute.

Unique in every way, even the customized denim jacket she made herself by adding bits of material in her twenties. We lost touch for many years only to be reunited in recent times through our respective illness’. Living in St. Lukes in Cork, she would visit me and we’d laugh and chat about our “lot”.
Her life was celebrated at a memorial service last week. Hundreds of people young and elderly were present. Musicians played and poetry was recited in her honour.

May she rest in peace.


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  1. Emma, that was a beautiful tribute to Louise. I’d forgotten about the unusual cigarette holding, goodness only knows what other details my braincells have failed to retain…amazing what each of us remembers and what we forget. Which is why each of us brings so many different memories to the table, to complete the whole. But who could ever forget her beauty, within and without? She really was a very special person and left behind SO much love. Hugs to you, my sweet – hope you’re having a lovely day. See you soon I hope xx

  2. Star,
    A beautiful piece you have written. Also poetic in your wonderful discription. Reading it was like looking at a very beautiful painting. Louise would love it……
    Sending LOVE your way,
    Missing you,
    Dol xoxoxo

  3. Morning Em!

    This is the most beautiful piece of writing, a loving tribute to someone who sounds very special. I’m glad you found each other again and had that time together.

    Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dilís

    Love you! Xxx

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