Monthly Archives: October 2013

Men’s and women brains


A friend sent me this. Please watch its priceless! Only ten minutes max and worth it in laughs!


Autumnal Stuff


We have a lovely new Spanish aupair called Ana. She arrived the evening the previous one left. Immediately she walked into our home I liked her. Barely in the door and she was singing traditional tango and playing guitar for me and Jonnie! What a treasure! I’ve been feeling that we’ve struck gold.
Other good news: we applied for more hours to the HSE and got some of them. This means I don’t have to worry as much about Jonnie having so much to do at the weekend as we now have some more help. When he said he felt a bit more relaxed last Saturday evening it was music to my ears.
The CRC gave me a brand new eye-gaze computer. It’s the most recent model. When I found out I was getting it I was over the moon. I imagined being able to read books and doing early Christmas shopping online. But to not beat around the autumnal bush, it’s basically a bigger version of the previous one! Not to sound ungracious though as I can’t imagine how hellish life would be without one, I’m just disappointed. They have told me of a separate reading thingy that can be programmed in, which is happening over the coming weeks. I’d like to imagine the ability to read with the kids too. I can log on from this but the icons are painfully small and it’s so slooooooow!
Rowan is growing into such a caring little boy, well, with me especially (different scenario with the sibling!). He always kisses me whenever he gets home from anywhere and gives an extra little squeeze which makes me so happy I’m here in this given shape. What more could a mother want but to see an outpour of affection from any child. He is aware too if I need a tissue for my mouth or if my hands are uncomfortable. Both Kitty and Rowan are fantastic when there’s no ‘adults’ around, I’m well looked after, bless them.
Thank God that it’s finally getting colder! It’s been freakily mild. I’m dying to light fires and cosy up. My sister’s due back from France for a few months this winter so I’m looking forward to that too.
To finish, looking up a favourite Bill Withers song recently on youtube I was laughing to myself. After all these years listening to him I never realised he was black! Such a sign of pre youtube times. I remember purchasing one of his albums and not having a clue what he looked like! It’s all in the voice with Bill, the sex appeal, the everything. Miley Cyrus eat your heart out!