Jazzing It!


Recently we had the infamous “Cork Jazz Festival” weekend. I didn’t get to any concerts but on Monday after bringing the kids to the Two Euro shop, we landed upon the tail end of a gig in Kinsale. A neighbour shouted out of her car: “are ye jazzing it”? [an expression I haven’t heard in years, which inspired me]. So when lovely Ana suggested we pop into Actons Hotel to see if any bands were playing,I nodded a big “yes”!
Kinsale hosts a fringe jazz festival every year so the band in the hotel was part of that. I was delighted for the kids to see live music especially as Rowan is so musical.
The band were ‘fine’ for a hotel on a bank holiday Monday and the crowd was happy.
I noticed how a waitress was carrying a tray maxed to the hilt with glasses. I thought how she would probably be exhausted after her shift from the extreme pushing and pulling of her day in comparison to the quiet and calm of a usual working day. This led me to think of the effort and struggle I experience every day as part of the way my life is now. Normal working humans can drink a glass of cold Murphys [yum!] so easily or snuggle up in bed with a loved one on a chilly winters night. But I struggle with the basic things constantly, like the girl with the overloaded tray. I’m not looking for pity, I’m rather trying to describe how hard it all is. People shouldn’t take life for granted and should give thanks for being able to get up every morning. I’ve said this before and will probably say it again and again “value your life “. I’m desperately trying to value mine. I will never understand why I’ve had to endure such challenges.


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  1. Hi Emma,
    It has been such a miserable Sunday but yet it has been lit up by your two wonderful blogs plus Halloween photo. I read your first blog re Simon Fitzmaurice and it just occurred to me that this incredible story is truly a reflection of your very own indomitable spirit. Your ability to communicate so successfully is testament to this alone. It is over a year now since you first embarked upon this road as “author nouveau” and in this short time it is you, like Simon, who has been such an inspiring light to us “normal working humans” as you so eloquently put it.
    Every day, when your own family wake up and look at you and smile and love you, then you must realise how important you are in other people’s lives. So perhaps I might be so bold Emma to suggest to you that you too should “value your life” because you have made us so much aware of “taking life for granted”.#hero
    Once again thank you,

  2. Hi Star,
    I thought of ” Jazzer ” when I saw the title for your latest piece! I wonder where she is now – I’ve been dying for you to post and what a feast you have given once again. Your tray is most certainly full to the brim – Infact I would say you are carrying TWO….. You carry them which such grace though & continue to dance through each day with such beauty, dignity & respect for LIFE…….” Just like a ballerina ” ……. xxxxxxxx

  3. So true Em, you really do inspire me to appreciate my life and to appreciate all the good that surrounds us, I really do feel so lucky to have my health and thank you for the reminder – don’t sweat the small stuff! Lots of love and hugs, K xxxx

  4. Hi Emma,
    I enjoyed reading your post as always..you always capture places ,and people and feelings so that I have a vivid glimpse of what is going on.. I am always touched in some way.
    This time was no exception.. in fact your words have been echoing inside me since I read them…”Value your life”. It begins with the mindfulness and the gratitude that you have so gracefully mastered. I can not understand or feel at peace when I think of the suffering that this illness has brought..it’s too cruel. But you truly transcend your suffering and raise the consciousness of those around you and your readers!
    I was unable to comment immediately as that line,”value your life”, touched my core. I am grateful and aware but the awareness of the deep preciousness of every moment floats in and out and mingles with mundane concerns of bills and schedules etc. ..and then boom.. I am touched again, i read your blog, I share a moment with someone I love, I look up and see the blue sky,I notice how beautiful the trees look that day… I slow down a bit.. am actually still for a moment …I appreciate the fact that I can walk.. that I am here… in the peace and safety of the present moment.
    Thank you Emma for bringing me back to awareness and for the feeling of appreciation that comes with it.
    Love always,
    Nick oxoxoxoxoxo

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