“I am Strong”


The most annoying Christmas radio ad is the one from An Post, where the guy is remembering when he got a toy train from Santa. Every time I hear it, I cringe.
Apart from that, pre Christmas week going along smoothly enough. Last week one of my nearest and dearest carers got burnt out and is on sick leave. We were devastated by this news and concerned for our friend. With nobody to fall back on, Jonnie had to oblige as the care agency frantically tried to find a replacement.
A week later, I have a great team of carers. I feel like I’ve been given the best christmas present yet!
With Lucy and Tomas and their dog Marley in town, I’m ready to take on the world!
If I could just remember to continue saying regularly: “I am strong “, “I am well “, “I am powerful “, I am divine ” it would really help my spirit especially over this holiday season. I heard this recommended by Dr.Wayne Dyer. He’s really “the man”! Whenever I feel like a dose of inspiration, I bring him up on you tube on my eye gaze and he never disappoints.

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  1. Dearest Emma, you are strong, well, powerful & divine. You are amazing. I agree with you about the An Post ad, as they say in this part of the country ‘yer man’s a bit of a dose’!! Glad to hear you got your carers sorted – you and J certainly didn’t need that stress. I’m sure your 2 beauties are excited for Santa! Hope you have a lovely, cosy and happy Christmas with all your gang. Would love to see you. I sent you an email about visiting.
    Lots of love

  2. Hi Star,

    You most definitely do need to tell yourself that but you do not need to tell me ( or anyone else for that matter ) as your actions show this LOUD and CLEAR EVERY day! I too am soooooo happy to be in town and am ready to take the world on with you!!! Lets Rock!!
    Dol xoxoxo

  3. Hi Emma,
    Solstice, Christmas and New Year Greetings to you and to your family.
    I hope it is not as wild with you as it is in Limerick where we are. We are staying with my sister Clare’s and her family for Christmas……it is a big gathering….Clare and her husband have children and grand children’s and she is married into a big family so it is all go! Darragh and I hope to go into Clare Island for the New Year (Niall has to go back to Dublin to work on a college thesis) but this is very dependant on the present storms dying down. The island harbour is good and sheltered but the mainland one at Roonagh is very exposed.

    Emma, I read your letter when ever it comes and it fills me with admiration and humility the way you are dealing with your difficulties. I think about you a lot and I use you as an example when people are complaining about lesser problems. When you are in my mind I often recall those days long ago with the Scouts at Lough Dan….long still summer evenings camping by the lake with the gang…. (and me assuring you that your broken ankle from the Rounders game was only a sprain!!)….they were good days.

    I remember too, you and Johnny at your wedding and thinking how lucky you were to have each other but never thinking how important that love would be in later times. You are so fortunate to have such a positive and caring family. It is difficult, Em, to write meaningfully to you with out being bland or awkward, but the important thing is for you to know that I am thinking of you and I am sending you my love.

    I am still not really sure how the Blogs and Twits work, so I hope that this message gets to you successfully. I voiced my ignorance to your Mum but she would have none of it and told me to behave “like any normal person” and just write to you!! So I did!

    I know that you will be in the arms of your family this festive season (as we will be too) and we could not be in better places! So enjoy it and be happy!

    With Love and good thoughts from myself, Niall and Darragh.


    Sent from my iPad

  4. Hi Emma, you are strong! The strongest of them all! And you help all of us be stronger too! I am happy to think of you all being together at Christmas! As we are all too! Dad and I watched the wonderful Rowan recital together today and were really impressed! Lots of love, gorgeous, divine, strong cousin! Happy Christmas and love to you all! Love Rach xxxx

  5. Hi My Darling Cousin,
    I hope you have all had a beautiful Christmas and are having a wondeful start to the new year!
    As you know we were in Wales for Christmas.. I was so, so happy to be with the kids and adored being in the glorious Pembrokeshire contryside.. Thought of you as we drove along the coast passed all our favourite family holiday spots.. I’ll send some photos. We were quite cut off most of the time , no phone or internet.. we discovered the Castle had free wifi half way through the week.
    Loved Rowan’s piano playing.. he really has a gift there.. he looked so beautiful too, such a gorgeous boy!
    I am pleased you have the carer situation sorted out, I can only begin to imagine the stress.
    I loved the affirmations from Wayne Dyer,.. and as Rach said, you are the strongest of them all!
    As I’ve told you before you strengthen and enegize all those that know you..now that is divine!
    Love to all,
    Nick oxoxooxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoox

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