Giving Thanks and Stuff


I found myself in a church in Blackrock the other night at a removal. My neighbour ‘s mum had suddenly passed away after a massive heart attack, it’s so sad and unfortunate for those left behind. The church had a lived in feeling, a lovely sense of life about it. I couldn’t hold back the tears when I saw the coffin and distraught family members following it down the isle. My heart was breaking for poor Annemarie. I remembered my own Dad’s funeral fourteen years ago and how sad everybody felt at his too, sudden departure.
The priest said something about guardian angels that touched me. I thought about Jonnie as my angel and how lucky I am to have him here especially now in my hour of need.
No matter how unfortunate my life situation is right now, I find it hugely helpful to give thanks for all. Family, friends, neighbours, carers, home helps, Jonnie’s job which he loves and all that I am able to do.
Every two weeks a lady called Ann comes to do energy work on me. Its’ official name is bio energy and it involves scanning the body’s subtle energies or aura and seeing where its blocked. She works with the chakras too, again seeing if they’re imbalanced and then putting them right. I believe this to be really helpful. When living in France in my twenties I also practiced this kind of energy work. I remember living in a rural part of the Pyrenees where no other Irish person had lived before it seemed. Apart from dedicating the best part of every day to painting and making intricate collages myself and a friend also did this kind of energy work on the locals. I remember one elderly ‘paysan’ Francois getting attacked by a swarm of bees, his hands all swollen and sore. I put my hands over them and wished them well. He seemed to get instant relief and the following day, I was his absolute hero as he said I had cured him! My prize was part of a wild mountain boar to cook and a gallon of red wine! When I think of that I only wish I could cure myself now!
Saw the film ‘Gravity’ the other night. I really thought it beautifully shot and directed. When the female lead touches earth at the end I deeply felt her relief and love of being able to feel sand on her toes again. Oh how I long for that feeling!


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  1. Hi Gus,
    Reading back over your post just now,I can see how accurate and identical my re telling of it was to Ana last week!
    You must’ve wanted to throttle me!
    Thinking of you and hoping we see you again soon. You are a fabulous host xx Mel

  2. Hi my darling cousin,
    So sorry for my delayed comment to your post. Each time you post a piece , I am so deeply touched and have thoughts and feelings I want to share but am almost overwhelmed with the emotions that you touch on or evoke .. You do it every time!
    I remember the shock and the sadness I felt when your father passed away so suddenly – so painful even with beliefs and philosophies . I remember about ten years after my father died -I still had so much sadness in my heart – I was reading the upunishads ( Juan Mascaro translation,which is amazing!), and I saw these words”.. Unseen, seen, unseen. Why in this truth find sorrow?”
    That touched me so deeply and I felt comforted by the message and the beauty of those words. Some years later I vividly recall talking to you after Angela had died – again all of us so devastated .. You and I talked on the phone for ages and you told me about “no death , no fear” by Thich .. That too has forever changed changed the way I look at death. It is actually 26 years ago today that my father died – we prefer to celebrate his birthday which is coming up on valentines day – which is very fitting. I am so thankful for my wonderful father and all that he did and also for my beautiful mother, the one and only, fabulous mum mum! I’m so thankful to Chris and Angela ,they gave me so much and shaped and nurtured my love of poetry and matters of the spirit and soul.
    You are incredible Emma – I can feel all your love and your genuine gratitude for jonnie, the kids , family , friends and your life. It’s so beautiful , so huge, so transforming !
    Thank you for such a wonderful post and also loved your mountain healing story .. You have so many fabulous stories – can’t wait to hear more!
    My love to you and all the family
    Nick xxoo

  3. Morning Star :-))
    Just RE.reading this great piece of yours. I love reading about your adventures – when I read of your adventures in France it always reminds me of a time you came home & I went up to your bedroom to see if you had woken from your travel – lag slumber. Only to be treated to the vision of your piercing blue eyes beaming up at me from your beautifully sun kissed face ( very sun kissed!! ) & your long wavy hair – the MOST BEAUTIFUL sight ever & then told me of all the wild adventures you’d had & the great people you’d met! Have you finished the book yet ;-)) !
    Jonnie is most definitely the best guardian angel I have come across too.
    Thank-you for this,
    Love Dol xxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Em, I loved reading your posts as usual and I meant to comment ages ago when I did read them but was dragged away (by you know who!!) I remember the night you got news that your lovely Dad had died. I was really glad that you phoned me in your hour of need and felt privileged to be considered your close friend. I ran around my little flat on Sheares Street looking for a bottle of something to bring to you. I landed at yours and J’s little ‘love nest’ and Martin was there also. We all had a glass of whatever awful stuff I had brought and toasted your Dad. You were so brave about it and I so admired how you headed in to do your final exams only a week later. You were so dignified in your grieving and you didn’t want any drama. Loved your story about France. I can see why your were Francois’s hero, you are my hero too. Lots of love, Swiss xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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