Monthly Archives: March 2014

Coffee Morning in Aid of the Irish Motor Neurone Association


Just announcing a coffee morning fund raiser for IMNDA [Irish motor neuron association] organised by my friends and me. It’s happening next Friday March 21st in Temperance hall, Kinsale 9.30am to12.30. Cakes galore to buy and coffee and scones to eat!


Fairies and Travels


Kitty lost her first tooth recently. Sadly she dropped it in our coal bucket so I thought looking for it would be like hunting for diamonds in a pitch black mine! To make matters worse she whispered to myself and Jonnie, with a genuine air of disappointment, the following morning that the tooth fairy had forgotten to come. Later that same day we found out that the tooth fairy had indeed come, but got the address wrong! She had come to aunty Lucy and uncle Tomas’ house. The kids had been on a sleepover with them the previous night “so she obviously got confused” the six year old mind rationalised.

Lucy, Jonnie and I did a round trip to Tralee two Sundays ago for my wonderful ‘head aunt ‘ Morna’s birthday party. Kerry features so much in our lives as we spent all our school summer holidays there growing up. I hadn’t been since I got sick so I welcomed the opportunity to go. We arrived into the thick of the celebration and sat in the hall under a sparkling chandelier. The birthday girl was looking gorgeous, as always. Meeting my cousins again was wonderful and other family and friends I hadn’t seen in years. I also met one cousin Philip for the first ever time! Morna revealed her secret to us all this year that she had a son in her early twenties and gave him up for adoption to an English couple. But unlike the film Philomena, mother and son were joyfully reunited earlier this year. Wonderful to experience such a happy reunion and her other two grown up children, Maeve and Darragh, welcomed their new brother with open arms.