Lovely Ciara


A good pal of mine passed away recently. I met her along with my other Kinsale friends at the infamous mother and toddler group every Thursday morning. Ciara was a bundle of fun with two smallies, older girl and younger boy who she loved to bits. A crop of long curly auburn locks defined her face. Along with a great sense of fashion, she didn’t let life get in the way of her having fun. Really sociable and outgoing and friendly too and always up for a night on the tiles! A great friend to us all and totally devoted to her husband & kids. She soldiered on even when she got her devastating news about breast cancer. She wouldn’t let anything stop her from living life to the full. Even when it kept coming back she travelled north and south of the globe and didn’t hold back. When I saw her last summer on her holidays here we decided to send our photos to John of god in Brazil. She had moved to Bristol the previous year for her husband’s job. I didn’t get around to sending my own photo till last month to the great healing man in south America. So I text her to tell her this and asked if she would do same. That was Thursday and she died peacefully on Saturday evening. Ciara Langmaid Heart of gold Rest in peace


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  1. Condolences on the loss of your lovely friend, Emma. That was a lovely tribute to her. I hope you’re doing ok yourself and keeping your spirits up. Can’t wait to see you & Lucy after Easter xxx

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