Easter Hols!


Got back on Friday after a glorious four days in Dublin, our home town. The weather was ideal but the show stealer for me and Lucy and mum and Michelle was the last night at Barre and Joyces’. Barre is one of Jonnie’s brothers and we always get a tremendous welcome when we visit their home. Roast lamb, gravy, the works was laid on for all eight of us. We need a team when we go on holidays so after our own four, there was Ana to look after the kids, Michelle to assist me with meals and Lucy for my showers and dressing. Mum came along for the fun and we practically had to wrench the song book from her hand when leaving! After walking their two dogs around the park [kids holiday high light ] we spent the rest of the evening in musical bliss! Everybody had a go at singing, Ana sang amazingly in spanish and Michael entertained us singing and playing piano and guitar so beautifully I thought I was in heaven. Mum did a rendition of ‘the spinning wheel ‘ and Kitty sang ‘teidi beag’ in irish so sweetly I was proud! It took a lot of coaxing to get Rowan to play the wooden whistle he bought at the zoo the previous day. But when he played his version of ‘Pompeii’ we were all delira!

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  1. Morning Star :-))
    Have read this a few times and am quite sure I will a few more too! I’m loving being able to read about it and re-live it all over again! I LOVED our holiday together and the magical moments shared! It’s also lovely to have the wearable purchases from Grafton street as a constant reminder! Thank-you & thanks to all for a FABULOUS week! xoxoxo

  2. Hi Emma,
    What a wonderful post and LOVED all the great photos!
    It sounds like such a magical, musical Eastertide!
    Love to all,
    Nick oxox

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