Holidays at last!


Got back from our holidays recently. One week in Durrus, West Cork and five nights in Dublin. I was really nervous about going due to my recent health scare but really excited too.
Our friends moved out of their idyllic purple painted home overlooking Dunmanus Bay. Helen is a potter and makes stunning dishwear from her work space next door. (Check out Dunbeacon Pottery!) I met her partner Eithne in U.C.C where we both were mature students from Dublin seventeen years ago. We stayed there too the June bank holiday weekend before I got sick and ended up in hospital. The kids were all questions; “can a woman really marry another woman? “. Then Kitty pipes up, “could I marry you so mum if you were younger and Dad didn’t ask you?”. I don’t know if it was the little scrunched up question face or the way she said it, but in that moment she was the sweetest sweetie in the universe!
One of the things they love doing is making pottery with Helen. She showed them how to throw pots on the wheel and the results were impressive. Little pots in different colour glazes; navy, light blue, creamy white and olive green.
One of the highlights of the holiday was toasting marsh mallows on a bonfire in front of the girls home. The sweet fragrant burning wood reminded me of my scout days as an early teen when we might fall asleep under the stars sometimes.
Another great thing we did was visit Sally ‘s beautiful garden in Union Hall. We were made so welcome and Martha our new aupair and the kids ate strawberries from a big bowl. Next, we stopped off at Dave’s, Jonnie’s brother who loves doing mime. He told us how his five year old grandaughter, Lucea was in awe of his mimed stories at bedtime. She has grown up without tv so far so I imagine her little mind is alive with imagination and wonder. He did his rendition of Babes In The Wood for our kids and they really enjoyed it. Rowan’s been practicing his moon walk round the kitchen alot so he was fascinated with Dave’s version.
I’d been quite nervous about going on holidays but I found the whole experience gave me energy. Poor Jonnie ran into difficulties with his back so we had to postpone our trip to Dublin to Tuesday instead of Sunday. In the meantime he rested and found somebody to treat it.
Arriving at mums is always a pleasure after a long journey. The delicious food ready, the kids excitement and the warm feeling make a home homely. The photos of us all dotted around make memories real.
We stayed in a hotel in the Dock lands area of town while the kids and Martha and Justine, my carer stayed at mums. Mum’s fantastic and she looked after everyone so well. Walking around the Dock lands was fascinating for us as we marveled at the ultra modern architecture. The Bord Gais Energy Theatre has a sheeted metal angular exterior and looks amazing. Meeting friends and a trip to Barre and Joyces’ made our holiday so well worth it.
Back to school now. Kitty’s in first class and Rowan’s in fourth. They looked all shiny and new last Thursday heading off for another new year. The house felt so quiet and I missed them for a while; then I thought of the bickering and pestering for screens – “nah! They’re fine at school! “


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  1. Hi Emma! Love the new pics you posted of the family, I can’t believe that they’re in first and fourth already! I remember how much Amelia and I loved our pottery classes when we were Rowan’s age. Glad that you had a good time and that the trip gave you energy. I also looked up the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, very cool exterior and interior, from the looks of it.
    Lots of Love
    Ariana xxx

  2. Hi Star,

    I wondered EVERY day how your holiday was going! I have been to each and everyone of those places with you guys at times ( bar the hotel ) and know what an absolute pleasure it is to be in those places spending time with those people. So full of fun, creativity & love. Just like you ( & Jonnie & kids! ) – as you say ” energising ”

    Dol xoxoxo

  3. My darling cuz,
    Sorry for such a delayed response. Truly loved reading all about your holiday! Your rich descriptive writing made it all come alive.You went to so many places, you really covered a lot of ground! I’m so very happy you all had such a wonderful end of summer holiday.
    I know that back to school feeling.. you miss them but then as much as I adore the free form days of summer there can be some welcome peace and structure to the school day schedule.
    All my Love to all oxoxoxoxo
    Nick xooxxxo

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