Woes be gone!


I get so fed up sometimes. Bored by a Monday to Friday routine that revolves around meals and personal needs. Before I got this condition, I’d spend the minimum amount of time on myself getting up and out in the morning. Now it takes two and a half hours. Soon it’s time for lunch and that takes another two. So by three o’clock when the kids get home I’ve already spent three and a half hours eating! It’s insane, but a fact of my life now that I need to accept. Sometimes on a bright autumn morning I find myself longing for a spontaneous walk in the crisp air. I then console myself with this thought; I see myself as a working mum and imagine if it was so, I wouldn’t have the freedom to go outside whenever I fancied. Same for the school run which I miss terribly, “you’re far too busy for that”, I tell myself. I suppose there’s some truth in it for me. I’m working at being the best mum I can with my obstacles. Being able to welcome them home with a smile is powerful.
I’m fed up too of being tired all the time. It seems I’m constantly in a sleepy state that I cant shake off. It’s not like I can go for a run like the world and it’s mother are doing these days. No, there isn’t any escape for me. I’m doomed to my routine.
My eyes get so sore from staring at a screen all day. By the time Jonnie gets home they’re generally too sore to talk to him and oh I’m eating again!
I just wish for a night off. A break from all of these challenges. Everyone needs a break from their woes. But me, never.

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  1. Oh Emma. I feel so much for you. It all seems so unfair! I see your children in the playground and running in and out of school when I do the school run.
    I only have to look at their smiling and happy faces, ands very clear that you their Mum is a huge positive influence in their everyday lives.
    You have thought them to never be afraid , they know all about courage and the wonderful power of expression where speech is not needed.
    Your presence in their lives brings them contentment , love and and guidance.
    Continue to brave and cry when you need too.
    Cal xx

    • Hi Cal and Emma,
      Cal, I love what you wrote, I wholeheartedly agree!
      There is no better mother than you Emma, you put every ounce of energy and love into your children and it shows! No mother ever worked harder, you put a whole new spin on the meaning of a working mother.
      All My Love,
      Nickey oxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxo

  2. Hi Star,

    I’m on my way!!! Let us be spontaneous together at every opportunity!! I love what Cal wrote & I agree with Noreen. Happy Halloween 😊 xoxoxo

  3. It is such a hard road that you are having to travel, but I hope that with Lucy arriving back over there and now in the run up to Christmas that there will be lots more excitement in the air and things to distract you from your everyday. Stay strong cousin, you are amazing!! lots of love, thinking of you always, Rach XXXX

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