Monthly Archives: November 2014

Freak- heart


I was taken by ambulance Tuesday afternoon to Cork University Hospital with a heart racing at one hundred and seventy. That was before I was wheeled onto it. It has stayed normal between seventy and one hundred since then.
I’d been awake since half seven Tuesday morning with a heart thumping so fast I thought it would jump straight out of my chest. My doctor strongly recommended hospital and I shuddered at the thought.
Luckily Lucy and Tomas are back from France for a few months and are more than happy to stay with the kids. Jonnie stayed the two nights with me as I was released Thursday! They don’t know why my heart was racing and after countless scans and twenty four hour observation, they let me go as all is normal again thankfully.
Some nurses and doctors in the hospital don’t seem to know how to speak to me. They have a few different approaches;
1. They address Justine one of my carers instead of me.
2. They address me as if I’m retarded. [excuse non pc word, it’s anger talking]
3. They shout at me as if my ears have been affected too by my illness.
4. They address me with overwhelming pity saying “creatur”ie. you poor unfortunate darling. And they often do this silly looking wave goodbye like you might do to a child.
What I want is to be treated like a normal human being. I believe its my right. It’s such a horrendous illness and it’s hard enough to bear without being treated like some kind of freak.