Monthly Archives: January 2015

A happy new year!


The days of January are passing by so quickly. I must admit I’m pleased the constant demands of Christmas are over replaced by fresh energy of this new year.
Lovely to get invites to friends, we spent the evening of 23rd being seranaded by musicians under twinkling lights.
Once I got over the fact that I couldn’t indulge in sparkling wine and crispy treats I was fine.
I was contacted recently by somebody Natasja [one of my carers] knows through her daughter ‘s school. This woman called Jo wants to make a radio program on my blog. An actress with a similar accent will read out extracts from it and interspersed with interviews of family and friends. I’m really excited about being part of this production. The kids are too and are due to be interviewed by Jo over the coming days.
I feel strong and positive for this new year.