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Something You Might Like to Know


I want to update all of you followers of Emma’s blog. Physically she has left us but she lives on in our hearts and minds in many different ways. This blog lives on, for example, as a testament to her spirit. Recently I was informed of something regarding Emma’s writing that, I think, might be very relevant to all of you who have accessed shapeshiftingemma and have scrolled down through these pages. It turns out that the features editor of the Evening Echo (a very popular local paper for those who don’t know it) was intending to ask her to write a regular column. To me this is a great accolade to her work. She began her blog in torturous conditions piecing together the letters of every word with the movement of her eyes. All she had was a hunger to write. Little by little her writing gained recognition. This developed to the point where she had many thousands of followers, where newspapers featured her work in their pages and where a 5 part radio program was produced based on the words of her blog. Thus to arrive at a place where an editor wanted her to write a regular column in his newspaper was an incredible achievement. Were she to have known this she could have been so proud of what she had done. For this reason I am letting you, the readers, know about it. You have valued her writing and appreciated her words and would know what this recognition would mean to her. Let’s all savour its significance in Emma’s (ongoing!) tale.

Kind regards to you…


By the way here is a link to the radio program that was made by Jo Pickup:

And here is a link to an article in the Evening Echo promoting that program: