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  1. hi shapeshifter I remember hearing an old story that a robin was present at Christs birth so cant be all bad although I think he wasnt very helpful due to a lack of proper medical training on the other hand when the “Messiah” dropped his sandal in the historical masterpiece “the life of brian” that did mean something. While we are on the subject of movies Kiera knightlyshouldnt be an extra in fair city! love your blog be good Scilly 59

  2. Hi Emma!! greetings from athlone, have been thinking so much of you recently wondering how you are keeping and then your beloved told me today about your blog. well done it is fantastic. as you may have heard we have moved our crazy gang to athlone enjoying town living though I’m not sure yet if the town is enjoying our type of madness – football, cricket and badminton on the street, country style roaring and shouting, crazy kids running up the walls and more. all send their love paddy aoife and co. xxxxxxx ps happy valentines day!

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